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.:: Interview of Matt Wagner - LOCK ON ::.
Friday 10 January 2003

C6) Many of us are already impressed by the screens showing LOACS' weather management. But will the weather be dynamic? (ie: can you take off under a bright sun, then encounter a rainy area over the target?) Will the thunder hit the planes? And will the weather condition notably affect the radar performances (ie like with the Kosovo's F-117's event)?

MW) Lock On has perhaps the most detailed weather options for a project of this type, but these settings will be static. Theoretically, it would be possible for lightning to strike aircraft, but there are no plans for weather to effect radar performance.

C6) What about mid-air refuelling? Will the joining sequence be harder than in Flanker, non-automatic? Will several people in multiplayer mode be able to refuel together without problem?

MW) Aerial refuelling can be fully manual. The ability for multiplayer aerial refueling has yet to be determined.

C6) Will there be any activity aboard Aircraft Carrier's decks? Will there be a special and true management of carrier landings and comms, something we could compare to Jane's F/A-18 for instance? Will multiple human carrier launchings and landings be available in multiplayer?

MW) Lock On is solely focused on land-based operations, not naval. As such, except for some new naval units, all naval functionality will be the same as Flanker 2.0.

C6) What about the Music in LOACS? Will it be possible to have custom menu, take-off, inflight musics, etc… just like in Il-2 Sturmovik?

MW) Lock On includes an original sound track with high-energy, rock music for general menus, successful mission and failed mission.

C6) Can you give us an idea of the PC configuration you expect LOACS to run perfectly on, with full details and air/ground/sea nice activity?

MW) Given that Lock On is not in beta, it is too early to provide such specs, as they may become grossly inaccurate a few weeks from now.

C6) Have you any project about some future LOACS' addons? Do you plan to make new flyable and IA planes after LOACS' final release? If so, what do we need to provide you in order to obtain a flyable Mirage 2000? Is a cooperation between the LOACS team and possible third-party planes makers planned, just like in Il-2?

MW) At this time we are solely focused on completing Lock On and it is far too early to discuss what might follow. Sorry.

C6) Finally, can you give us a more accurate release date for LOACS/LOMAC? Is there a chance that the "spring 2003" date will be a little optimistic?

MW) We are still expecting a release date of Spring 2003. Sorry, but a thousand and one things can happen (and probably will!) between now and then and I cannot give a more precise date at this time.

C6) Thanks!

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