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.:: Interview of Tsuyoshi Kawahito (English) ::.
Tuesday 16 July 2002

8) C6: And what about comms? Will they be, at least, as evolved than EAW, F4 or Il2 ones for instance?

TK: The game will feature a basic comm interface to control wingman and other flight members, as well as requesting help and directions from TACC (Tactical Air Control Center).

9) C6: How will you simulate the Radar Intercept Officer aboard two-seated planes such as the F4? Will you let players use the backseat too? Will it be possible for two people to fly in the same Phantom in multiplayer?

TK: No, we are not planning to model any back seat in the initial release.

10) C6: Talking about multiplayer, do you get any informations about multiplay modes planned in P1?

TK: Our plan is to have two basic multiplayer modes: Dogfight and Co-op missions. Dogfight mode is just a quick head-to-head combat where you just try to shoot anyone else down, whereas Co-op mission mode is where you fly a single mission toward assigned objective.

11) C6: Have you any news to give us about the Lologramme's Mirage III possible integration?

TK: His Mirage III is looking great. We've designed the game so it is very easy to add new skin, new aircraft, new map, new campaign, etc. Adding new aircraft, for example, is just matter of creating a new folder in the aircraft subdirectory, drop your data files in there. Next time the game starts up, it'll automatically be recognized and integrated into the gameplay.

12) C6: Finally, in you opinion, can you tell us about THE point that would make P1 more attractive that another jet sim? What do you think is P1's main, special "thing" that other sims do not have?

TK: Well, I think this is a very exciting period of aviation history, one that haven’t really been covered by any other sims recently.

C6: Thanks!

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