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CDDS Browser by: Nightowl
For: Lock on Type: Utilitaire The 11/06/03 5944 dl DOWNLOAD

Note : Le CDDS Browser est également inclu dans loman !

Un utilitaire très pratique pour extraire et réintégrer des fichiers de texture au format DDS d'un fichier cdds de lomac. il fonctionnes a merveille avec la démo..
Bon télechargement aux textureurs en herbe.

Version 1.01:
New features

- Export/Import Bmp and Tga with several DXT conversion filters
- Export/Import three DDS Format (single mipmap, embedded mipmaps, one file per mipmap)
- Insert option to store DDS, in Bmp or Tga format, in the Lomac Bazar Temporary directory
- Incremental search for texture name
- CDDS Safe Copy Folder
- User guide


- Replaced a Direct3D call by own code to avoid distribution of the D3DX8D.DLL file
- Problem of resolution in viewport when starting in 256x256 mode then switching to 512x512

To do

- Fix TGA vs nVidia DDS Plugin problem.
- Get rid of DirectX as too much system resources are used.
- Optimize in memory image handling.

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