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DCS : newsletter du 3 mars 2017

DCS : newsletter du 3 mars 2017

DCS : newsletter du 3 mars 2017





Au programme

  • DCS wolrd 2 passe en version 2.05 U1  avec l’ arrivée du Viggen et diverses correctifs (liste ici)
  • Nouvelles captures du superbe B-17  IA

Et puis c’est tout  pour cette semaine !!


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DCS World 2.0.5 Update 1

Today we will be updating DCS World 2.0.5. The primary feature of this update includes the integration of Leatherneck Simulation’s DCS: AJS-37 Viggen into DCS World 2.0. A roaring Viggen down the Las Vegas strip is a site to behold!

In addition to the Viggen, this update also includes many new improvements. Please see changelog in the DCS forum.

DCS: Normandy 1944 Map Live Stream

We have decided it would be best to delay the live stream a bit to come very shortly after the start of the Normandy map pre-purchase and the release of the amazing trailer video that « Glowing Amraam » is working on. We feel the live stream and Q&A will be much more appropriate and useful after the pre-purchase beings.

Apologies for the delay.

Screenshots of B-17G over Normandy

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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