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DCS : Sortie du Mig-19 et du serveur dédié

DCS : Sortie du Mig-19 et du serveur dédié

En voila une bonne nouvelle … pour patienter jusqu’à la sortie du F-14 ..

Pour faire court :

Sortie du Mig-19 de Razbam, en version finale SVP (rien que cela c’est presque du jamais vu sur DCS).
Mise à disposition du serveur dédié DCS, qui permet de se passer d’interface graphique et de fonctionner sur des machines dédiées « moins orientées gaming », nous allons nous pencher très attentivement sur cette fonctionnalité tant attendue.
Le F/A-18c Gagne un data link  (voir news cette semaine) , une page SA, un début d’IFF  et de NCTR. Un nouveau mode « TOO » pour les Harm fait aussi son apparition.

Pour les autres modules :

Des correctifs pour le Mirage 200C, le Harrier, le C-101, le Christen Eagle II, le Fw 190 D-9, Bf 109 K-4.
Bref un « changelog » assez conséquent surement pour nous faire oublier le retard du F-14B


DCS: MiG-19P Farmer by RAZBAM Simulations is now available.
Introduced of the DCS Dedicated Server.

DCS World

Static objects linked to a parent object with offset fixation will ow rotate with the parent object (i.e. static objects on an aircraft carrier).
AI combat vehicles. Buildings and allied units in the the line of sight prevents weapon fire.
MP. Multiple clients will not spawn in the same location on the CVN-74 deck.
Fixed bug that could potentially cause SFM aircraft to explode at spawn.
Improved performance of some scripting functions.
Open mission/track panels. Added ability to sort files by typing by first letter of the file name.
Fixed frequent crash with mission scripting – script trying to destroy aircraft when aircraft trigger some event , as result – aircraft destroyed in the middle of self activity which result crash on next line after posting event.
Aircraft AI. Fixed crash caused by the bingo fuel landing at aircraft carrier.
JTAC will now not report Rapier as SA-2.
ME. Ground units. Added different colors for detection and engagement range rings.
ME. Deleted non-functional PLANNING CARGO indicator from aircraft payload menu.
MP. The glass in the cockpit will be transparent, not black, during texture loading after spawning into the cockpit.
MP. Some tuning of Server options panel.
MP. Client aircraft disappears, if he disconnects from the server on pause and joins back, fixed.
Mi-8MTV2 and UH-1H AI helicopters. Onboard gunners are implemented. From now the AI gunners will engage different types of threats within their (gunners’) weapons range.
Airborne troops can embarking to second helicopter after disembarking from the first one.


Weapon positions fixed
Cockpit internal lighting improved
Mission 1 and Mission 12 updates in the Campaign


Weapon positions fixed
MPCD Transparency background fix
KC-135 MPRS wingtip vortices position fixed
Bitching Betty sounds upgraded
Cockpit internal lighting improved
Ground Proximity Warning System enabled

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

Improved textures of cockpit structure and front panel
Fixed canopy textures
Fixed pilot textures
All liveries are now also accessible to users that do not own the module
Fixed engine failure due to ice accretion
Added the following failures:

Engine flameout with relight
Engine flameout without relight
Engine anti-ice failure
Chip in oil (including engine damage accumulation if engine is mishandled)
GS and LOC signal failures
VOR, TACAN, DME, ADF and radio altimeter failures
Pitch trim runaway – Nose up
Pitch trim runaway – Nose down
Control stick pitch trim switch failure
Control stick aileron trim switch failure
Rudder trim failure
Left gear extension fault
Left gear retraction fault
Right gear extension fault
Right gear retraction fault
Nose gear extension fault
Nose gear retraction fault
Flaps fault

Front and rear cockpits synchronization in multiplayer (multicrew):

Fixed dc bus tie and engine anti-ice syncs
Added fuel valve, submerged pump and fuselage fuel quantity syncs
Added partially functioning transfer pumps and start-up sequence syncs
Fixed fuel pumps synchronization

Fixed refueling on ground (Still WIP, can only refuel up to 97% and cannot defuel)

DCS Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

Introduction of new pilots and associated textures.

DCS Fw 190 D-9

ME, payload. Corrected the order of hardpoints.
The asymmetrical loadouts in the ingame payload panel are not possible now.
The sensitivity of rotaries EZ42 Gunsight Target Distance Control and EZ42 Gunsight Altitude Aiming Correction Adjusting Knob I is decreased for fine tuning.

DCS Bf 109 K-4

Corrected the parking places in the Taxi and Takeoff training mission.


MIDS with Link 16 datalink functionality was added
Situational Awareness (SA) page basic functionality was added: MSI symbology, PPLI, F/F, and SURV tracks, EW symbols, air defense zones, TUC data, chaff/flares data, waypoints and route, and Sensor subpage
IFF was improved: possibility to interrogate target on RDR page with no radar lock
Link 16 capable AI aircraft were improved to interact with F/A-18C
NCTR function was added
Corrected Hornet 1989-OCA.miz
Turn rate indication on ADI page was fixed
HARM Target of Opportunity (TOO) mode was added
Some minor fixes in HARM SP mode
Tone for HARM handoff in SP mode was added
WYPT indication on HUD will not jumps when heading goes through zero.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
MiG-29. RPM hangs at 100% if player moves throttle from max to medium position at supersonic speeds is fixed.

DCS Campaigns
A-10C Basic Flight Training (BFT) Campaign:

BFT08 – Corrected Manual Reversion oscillations.
BFT10 – Corrected altitude triggers. Added F10 Nav Point references for VR.

The Enemy Within 3.0

Mission 02: Updated radio settings for the wingman (35.5 FM).
Mission 04: Small adjustments and bug fixes for radio system. Updated laser code in the kneeboard.
Mission 05: Fixed bug where sometimes the RTB conversation wouldn’t be played. Wingman will no longer speak after he has been shot down.
Mission 12: Updated timing of some voiceovers.
Mission 16: Fixed bug where HVA would be destroyed even if player killed all enemy units.
Mission 18: Fixed rare bug when some players would not hear comms with Overlord.

Black Shark 2 Republic Campaign. Structure of campaign changed. Minor changes in missions.

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    Good news
    Pour le F18 c’est NCTR et non NCRT 😉

    1. Ghostrider
      01/03/2019 at 18:29 Reply

      C’est corrigé ;o)

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