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Some days ago we introduce you a new comer in simulation hardware, WINWING.
You asked us a lot of questions about this new challenger who seems motivated to come to overshadow Thrustmaster in the field of high-end peripherals.

Here is the interview that Alex LI ,CEO of WINWING, kindly accepted to answer.

C6 – Hello Alex, can you introduce yourself, and your company for our French community that never know about you?

Alex LI – Hi everyone. You can call me Alex. I’m the founder and CEO of WINWING TECH.

Chengdu WINWING Tech Company, Ltd. Founded in March 2013. We focus on Flight Simulation Training Device Development/Produce.

As based in China where excellence in manufacturing, also we have the best hardware/software/construction engineers to produce quality flight simulator products at the most affordable price. Our goal is to provide Pilots, training schools and at-home flying enthusiasts over the world with the closest to the real thing flying experience possible in-flight simulation.

Over the last 6 years, we have successfully delivered many fantastic CESSNA 172 /Diamond DA40/42 simulator or desktop training systems worldwide as well as a multitude of GARMIN G1000 desktop trainer. Our customers order from the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. Most are FTOs (Flight Training Organizations), but many home flyers are now buying directly.


C6 – How many people is working in winwing?

Alex LI – 32 engineer and many other workers.

C6 – What is your company background in flight simulation?

Alex LI – WINWING TECH found March,2013 in Chengdu City, where is an aero-city like Toulouse in France, here is many professional aero/space/defense engineers, the most famous Gen 4 flight- J20 was build 5km away from us.  Our primary business is developed simulator for those organizations, and also you can learn we are the best general aviation simulator manufacturer in China.

We are good at Certificated training Simulators, include realistic sim-avionics/Control loading systems (Force feedback system)/flight dynamic model /Cockpit build etc.

C6 – Why did you decided to create your new HOTAS system?

Alex LI –  Because our main business is commercial product. We want to make new attempts in the consumer-grade flight simulation market. We have a lot of employees including myself who are the background of the simulated flight player. We know that there has been no higher quality product in the consumer sector. I think we can bring a whole new experience to the players. A quality with a professional commercial product can be obtained at a price close to the consumer price. So, we started our development until now.

C6 – $900 is a bit expensive, what are the key features that make your HOTAS worth the price?

Alex LI –  Our first step is to think about how to make a product that is highly realistic and restores industrial reliability (5 or even 10 years lifecycle) to solve all the functions and performance requirements of the pilot.

The second step, after the product has taken shape, we will think: This product can become a hard-core player’s device that never fails.

Can it meet the requirements of professional training users?

If the answer is yes, we will think about the third question: how much is the cost, how much is the price, can the customer accept it? thanks to the professionalism, high quality and low cost made in China (the iPad and iPhone production lines are just three kilometers away from us, we can find the most complete and best supply in the world).

So, what $899 bought might be the flight experience that other brands need for $1899!


C6 – Is the HOTAS really made in metal even the buttons and moving parts?

Alex LI – Our HOTAS is near full metal made.

Righthand is 99% Metal made (Aluminum construction +Stainless steel CAM/AXIS and other stressed parts).

Lefthand is 95% Metal made (Aluminum construction +Stainless steel AXIS and other stressed parts).

We originally planned to use all-metal buttons, but we found that if the button is made of all metal, it will affect the feel, including feedback, sound and so on.

Even the buttons on a real airplane are mostly plastic. We can guarantee that the performance of all the buttons is the only choice available on the market.

The parts we use are the best products available on the market.

C6 – The HOTAS axes (Throttle and Stick) are Hall effect or regular?

Alex LI –  16bit Hall sensor for both X/Y axis on joystick and L/R throttle axis and Antenna elevation control wheel.

C6 – The rotaries on the HOTAS Panel are classic rotaries or Hall effect rotaries?

Alex LI –  The two rotaries on throttle side panel are classic one. Not hall effect.


C6 – In the pictures on your website we see an F-16 grips along with the F/A-18 grip do you plan to make more grips in the future?

Alex LI –  F16 joystick grip and throttle handle are still in design, these grips will compatible with our “Super Libra” base and “Super Taurus” base.

That’s why we need to build our own ecology to make all our PART compatible.

Includes new products in the future.

C6 – It seems that the HOTAS grips are removable, do you plan to create new grips also?

Alex LI –  Of course yes.

C6 – Do you plan to create also other Throttle Panels?

Alex LI –  Other panel like take off/combat ready, but no plan for more throttle side panel yet

C6 – Do you have any configuration software planned to go with your HOTAS system? If yes, when do you plan to release it?

Alex LI –  Of course, yes, as a professional simulator gear manufacturer, our software engineers are more than hardware engineers. It will release in the launch event.

C6 – What will be the features of this software?

Alex LI – Easy use/Test/Calibration/Program/Simulator assemble, future will have Cloud save and share/Online support. for example, it can allow 4-way button change to 2 Axis.

C6 – Regarding the way you will sell the HOTAS, will you have any partner/ warehouse in Europe to have local stock and customer support?

Alex LI –  Now we are selling through our webstore and Alibaba Taobao in china, further we hope to find some powerful dealer in EU and US.

If not, we will try to get the warehouse by our self.

C6 – Do you plan to have some physical stores in Europe or only sell by internet?

Alex LI –  Physical stores won’t be a big issue If we can find overseas partners. If not, will be only on internet.

C6 – What warranty will be applied to your products?

Alex LI – We have just update the full warranty in our website here:

C6 – You have posted some videos about your quality testing; Can you tell us more about the quality requirements you have?

Alex LI – We did more than 2000 hours continue test, still keep precise. No need to maintenance in years home use.

The test video for joystick base is in this joystick detail info video, and you are welcome to follow our YouTube channel.

C6 – The pre-purchase date has been delayed for some weeks, when the pre-purchase will finally end?

Alex LI –  Before launch event. But after public review.

C6 – Have you more information about the launch event (date?), will streamers or other community people will be invited?

Alex LI –  Should be middle of September. Will announce 1 week before.

We invest Chinese streamers, and pre-order should be delivered on site!

C6 – Do you plan another event in Europe/USA, maybe later?

Alex LI –  Not yet because we have no partner there.

C6 – Do you want to say any word to the French community?

Alex LI –  We are very grateful to the French simulation players for their interest in our products.

And I am very much looking forward to bringing more great products to French players. We are very happy to hear your suggestions. Welcome to join our  facebook group.

You can also go through the DCS forum and

C6 – Thank you very much Alex for your time and efforts to create new HOTAS for flight simulation enthusiasts, and to have accepted to answer our questions.

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  1. Gillego
    19/02/2020 at 01:36 Reply

    I purchased a simulator unit from Alex Li on his website,
    It is a g1000 Cessna 172 sim.
    It took about 2 months for delivery after my payment. What I received was a broken down unit that to doesn’t work. I keep contacting Alex Li via email to get it resolved. To this day he has not helped me or refunded me my money. I paid him $20k for the unit. I keep emailing him asking for support or help to get the unit running so I can at least sell it. No response. He’s a scammer. I have email proof and receipt.

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