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IL-2 Manager 4.0 FB by: Skypat
For: IL-2 FB-AEP Type: Utilitaire The 08/28/03 23314 dl DOWNLOAD

IL-2 Manager 4.0
Forgotten Battles Edition
“IL-2 Manager is a powerful utility to configure & tweaks IL-2 Sturmovik simulation”

August 27, 2003

Skypat, Project manager (Skypat@checksix-fr.com)
Benhur, IL-2 Ladder manager
Phoenix, Support service manager and French documentation
© 2002-2003 Skypat, Benhur & Check-Six (http://www.checksix-fr.com)

Test coordinators
Fuchs, JPI, NN Tym

Grille Chompa, German translation
Lobo, Spanish translatio
Mix, Italian translation
303_Polrus, Polish translation
SKULLS_Ven, Swedish translation

2/ THANKS TO BETA TESTER (since 1.0 version)
Alain-James, Bilko, Black Wolf, Butch2k, Crickey, Franck66, Ghostrider, Hellflyer, Merlin, Nismogtr, NN-Ben, NN-Luso, Phil, Rcbrf, Solo, Soron, Toocool, TUX_Jolfulorc, UF-Deathtracker, UF-hallacar, UF-Netkiller, Hawk

Just run the EXE file, then follow the wizard !

Just doubleclick the Uninstall icon in the “IL-2 Manager” group !

This function is for the people who want to make a ladder on their site. It allow you to send your IL2 stats to a script on your server.

Download the script pack here

IL2MSETTINGS.INI file (located in IL2manager folder)
- you can send your stats to TWO URL (same ID and PASSWORD)
LADDERV2_SEND = http://www.checksix-fr.com/IL2ladder_v2/index.php?action=store&langue=[LANGUAGE]&stats=
LADDERV2_SEND_ALTERNATE = http://www.MY_SQUADRON.com/IL2ladder_v2/index.php?action=store&langue=[LANGUAGE]&stats=
or to only ONE url
LADDERV2_SEND = http://www.MY_SQUADRON.com/IL2ladder_v2/index.php?action=store&langue=[LANGUAGE]&stats=

- Stats sended to an alternate URL(own squadron) may be browsed in Il2manager
LADDERV2_DEFAULT = http://www.MY_SQUADRON.com/IL2ladder_v2/index.php?langue=[LANGUAGE]
LADDERV2_USER = http://www.MY_SQUADRON.com/IL2ladder_v2/index.php?action=detail&langue=[LANGUAGE]&Periode=Aof&username=
LADDERV2_PROFIL = http://www.MY_SQUADRON.com/IL2ladder_v2/editmember.php?langue=[LANGUAGE]&username=


Version 4.0 Forgotten Battles Edition

- FB patch 1.1 compliant
Works with last 1.1 patch (ie : stats)

- Added new campaign options in campaign window
Added CampaignAI, CampaignMissions, CampaignsLength, randomflights options

- Added configuration option
Added ‘Launch TeamSpeak when IL-2 Manager start’ option

- Dev tool upgraded to 9.0 version
All core DLL regenerated, new optimised engine

Version 3.1 Forgotten Battles Edition

- TGA to JPEG automatical converter implemented
TGA screenshots are automatically converted to JPEG format with an unique ID name (you won’t loose your screenshots anymore and you will save space)
Quality can be set  and TGA can be deleted after conversion (as an option).
Intelligent management, only new screenshots are converted 

- COOP LOG parser tool implemented !
NOW you can parse your eventlog.lst COOP file then enjoy the report.
This report may be exported to several format like XLS, SQL, CSV,
(Thx to NN-Tym and NN Squad who tested this parser in depth)

- FB compliant (but work for IL2.EXE too)
Some options are not working for IL2 Sturmovik

- TGA to JPEG automatical converter implemented
TGA screenshots are automatically converted to JPEG format with an unique ID name (you won’t loose your screenshots anymore and you will save space)
Quality can be set  and TGA can be deleted after conversion (as an option).
Intelligent management, only new screenshots are converted 

- COOP LOG parser tool implemented !
NOW you can parse your eventlog.lst COOP file then enjoy the report.
This report may be exported to several format like XLS, SQL, CSV,
(Thx to NN-Tym and NN Squad who tested this parser in depth)

- Realistic FI medal added (updated pack)
BIG Thanks to WFGR/Stefan Wikstrom aka "Hynkel" who allowed me to use his updated pack

- German ranks bugs fixed in DGEN campaign
Thx to Matt (IL2 STAB) who do the realistic ranks and to Starshoy who send me tips about changes required

- ‘IL-2 Manager save my flight statistics’ CHAT SPAM (after pressing ‘k’)
Some wanted to keep the message displayed as confirmation, others wanted to remove it, considering it as spam.
I have not the time to implement it as an option (in 3.1 version) so this
message is now displayed only to ‘MY_ARMY’ and not to ‘ALL’ anymore.

- Minor bugs fixed and some code optimized

Version 3.0 Forgotten Battes Edition

- FB and IL2 compliant
All options are working for both sims
Some are specific and are only available when FB is selected

- Sim target Switch
At the top right, there is a box icon, use it to switch between both sims

- Campaign settings
’Campaign difficulty’ option added
’Ground intensity’ option added
’Air intensity’ option added

- IL-2 features added
Added the 'LAND GEOMETRY DETAIL' in 3D World window
Added the 'LAND QUALITY' in 3D World window
Moved ‘Full historically Luftwaffe markings’ to game tweaks window

- FB specific features added
All IL-2 features (so including ‘Full historically Luftwaffe markings’)
Added ‘LA-7(3xB20)’ folder fix option
Added the 'LAND GEOMETRY DETAIL' in 3D World window
Added the 'LAND QUALITY' in 3D World window
Added ‘separate engine start’ in difficulty window
Added ‘complex engine management’ in difficulty window
Added ‘no instant success’ in difficulty window
Added ‘no minimap path’ in difficulty window
Added ‘no speedbar’ in difficulty window
Added ‘hardware shaders’ in 3D world window
Added ‘Nvidia shaders settings’ in 3D world window
Added ‘ATI shader settings’ in 3D world window
Added ‘1024 land textures’ in 3D world window

- IL2M Spy Agent
Now 'IL2M Spy Agent' is a stand alone module managed by IL2-Manager

- Security hole fixed
That’s for cheater ! only IL-2 Manager Web engine can now send data to ladder

- New Forgotten battles theme ! (default theme)

- Main menu has been changed

- Some bugs fixed

- Internal links fixed ! (like support forum links)

Version 2.5 Special Edition

- Theme support ! (Eyes candy)
Now you can create theme for IL-2 Manager
See the theme folder ! 
Modify background, buttons, switchs ! 

- Stats version 2.0 and Pilot Ladder
Now stats browsing is enhanced !
You can view your stats by day/month/year/Hall of fame
Now you can retrieve your lost password by email
Now you can change your squadron or email informations by changing your IL2 Manager online profil ! (see configuration window)
Now you can change LADDER URLS in il2settings.ini in order to match your home ladder URL !

- Campaign report tool !
Now you can report and submit your files to a online campaign engine !
You can set the Campaign URLs in the IL2msettings.ini file !

- News browsings and downloads files enhancement !

- Cheating things are fixed !
To avoid cheating, now you won’t be able to send stat il IL2.EXE always running !

- ‘No data’ message is now accurancy
and lots of wrong ‘No data’ message has been fixed (normaly no one left !)

Version 2.1

- Stats are working with il2.exe 1.1
(Now IL-2.exe patched to 1.1 version is required)

Version 2.0

- you can now disabled stats auto-save and so use the ‘k’ key to save your stats manually (MORE efficiency ! you CAN’T LOST your kills ! (but always land or eject before)
(IL2.EXE console window is available by pressing ‘>’ key IN GAME CHAT WINDOW)
A chat message “IL-2 Manager saved your stats” will be displayed 

- Stats are saved to stats.txt in the IL-2.exe main folder

- Now all ladder stats are displayed inside IL-2 Manager !


- Added several sound effects ! (more to come)
When IL-2 Manager start
When clicking on switch
When IL-2 Manager detect IL-2.exe starting
When IL-2 Manager detect IL-2.exe stopping

- Now, changes are immediate when changing language

- Added several efficiency values in the window displaying stats (score)

- Added ground detail option

- Added 1.04 chat level of messages features
Disables all stat messages.
Only player-vs-player kill messages are displayed.
Displays player-vs-player, and AI-vs-player kill messages.
A lot of chit-chatting.

- Added anti-cheating 1.04 features
farMaxLagTime delay
nearMaxLagTime delay
cheaterWarningDelay delay
cheaterWarningNum (disabled, immediate, one warning, two warnings, three warnings)

- Now, several tray icon states!
A red ‘M’ is displayed on IL2-Manager tray icon when entering Spymode
A green ‘M’ is displayed on IL2-Manager tray icon when IL-2 is running (if Spymode is enabled)

- Now, name in the title bar will recognize spaces within a Nickname

- Now, you can launch only one instance of IL-2 Manager (prevents cheating)

- if you never launched IL2.EXE, you won’t receive any more the “no data” messages when maximizing IL-2 Manager

- Added “When IL-2 Manager start, put it in SPY mode” configuration option

- Added “When exiting IL2 game and/or displaying game stats, put automatically
IL2 Manager in SPY mode again” configuration option

- Added “When minimize, put IL-2 Manager in Spy mode” configuration option

- Added “Launch HyperLobby when IL-2 Manager start” configuration option

- Squadron URL to send stats now works fine

- Added 1.04 tweaks
No map icons

- Added 1.04 icon type tweaks
no icons at all
padlock icon only
Distance icon
Distance, player name
Distance, plane, player name

- Minor things and minor bugs fixed

Version 1.3a

- Spanish support language, big thanks to Lobo from http://www.alasrojas.com 

Version 1.3

- Works with upcoming 1.04 patch

- German support language, big thanks to Claudius Henrichs 

- Lots of SERIOUS bugs fixed for Win 95, Win 98, Win ME OS
(Stats, Staviskas, unable to connect to multiplayer game and others things…)

- Others minor things fixed for Win XP users

- Colors enhancements

Version 1.2

HUGE improvement about SKINS manager !
NOW, you can add, delete, move, copy skins
you can also manage your multiplayer skins CACHE folders !
Viewing skins method is now more interesting than before ! (64*64 viewing, 128*128 viewing, list…. Full screen)

NEW IL-2 Link manager !
Manage your OWN link list 
Lot of default links are already present

Added realistic german medals
BIG Thanks to WFGR/Stefan Wikstrom aka "Hynkel" who allowed me to use his IL2 Sturmovik_Ge_Medalpack_v1.0

Added realistic Russian ranks

Added squadron name for the stats data
Now data are sended to the international C6 pilots ladder with your squadron name !

Added quick start SPY mode
Press it and you are in spy mode

Added quick start LAUNCH
Press it and you launch IL-2.exe

Added arcade settings in tweaks tabpage
Display some light balls at the bullets hit place, useful for training

Fixed some bugs about multiplayer stats calculations

Fixed IL-2 Manager support forum URL

Changed some variables to fix the ‘NODATA’ message (not fixed entirely)

Fixed others minor fixes

Version 1.1

Now you can use IL-2 manager in SPY MODE !!!
IL-2 manager SPY for IL-2.EXE launch and also for IL-2.EXE stop.
So you can launch IL2.exe with another utility (like hyperloby or ubi.com), IL-2 Manager will detect it !

Stats option ! you can display your score after a multiplayer mission

International ladder ! if you choose this option, your score will be sent to an international CheckSix Pilot Ladder, and IL-2 Manager will display your rank after each mission

Squadron OWN ladder support !
See SQUADRON OWN LADDER SUPPORT section for informations

Multi-language support ! (English, French)

Added 1024 texture, mouse invert, show intro

Added 18 difficulties options for single and multiplayer game

Added Weapons convergence and Fuel load

Now Swastika files works fines, they are not working with a timer

Minimize as a tray icon

Fixed lots of bugs

Others minor things

Version 1.0

- Tabpage “3D World”, Lots of Graphics details settings
- Tabpage “Tweaks”, Tweaks cockpits & others
- Tabpage “Skins”, View skins and edit (more edit program in next version)
- Tabpage “C6 online”, ONLINE services provided by http://www.checksix-fr.com
(patchs, addons, links, etc..)
- Tabpage “Others utilities”, Manage others external utilities !
- Tabpage “About”, read carefully
- “IL-2 sturmovik launch” button, launch IL-2 with some options


IL-2 Manager 4.1 sound like a good idea


IL-2 Manager English & French support forum :
Site : http://www.checksix-fr.com

German support forum
Site : http://www.sturmovik.de

Polish support forum


This software is FREEWARE but you must have my permission to distribute IL-2 manager.
It’s a fact ! ;)


http://www.checksix-fr.com (IL-2 manager home site)

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