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Patch 1.12a cd ENG by: Eagle Dynamics
For: Lock on Type: Patch The 02/21/06 28114 dl DOWNLOAD

Le patch remplace totalement la version precedente de la 1.12.
Ce patch, s'installe directement sur Lockon Flaming cliffs 1.1 version CD anglais.
Il n'est pas compatible avec les autres version de Lockon en multijoueur. Tout les joueurs doivent avoir la 1.12a pour jouer ensemble.

Liste des bugs corrigés (en anglais) ci dessous.

English version

This is the cumulative patch and can be installed over Lock On 1.1 or Lock On 1.11.

Version 1.12 is not compatible with any previous versions of Lock On in multiplayer. All players must use version 1.12.

Track files recorded in previous versions might not be played back correctly in this version.
This patch has rollback option, in order to play back old track files.

You may experience some difficulties with older missions and campaigns due to new capability of some SAM sites to intercept anti-radiation missiles. You may edit missions manually to make mission accomplishment easier. You may increase the quantity of aircrafts in SEAD packages or decrease the number of SAM sites.

In case of problems with TrackIR device please exit LockOn, delete \Input\TrackIR.ini file and start the game again.

Corrected bugs and added features 1.12

SAMs will prioritize targets based on range: The nearest target will be attacked first.
Random MP black screens is fixed.
Incorrect MP flaps animation on A-10A fixed. Combat flaps position on F-15C and Su-33 is removed.
Engine sound on MP aircraft is now played according to actual RPM.
Engine startup animation of the upper inlets on the MiG-29 is fixed for MP.
Canopy open/close speed on all MP aircrafts is corrected.
Damage power of anti-tank mines is increased
F-15 HUD target designator ¡±freeze¡± bug is fixed.
The target range is removed from F-15 HUD in HOJ mode.
F-15 VSD target bearing indication is fixed.
F-15 radar azimuth scan width is no longer reset after target lock-on.
F-15 range to target HUD symbology indication when AIM-9 selected is fixed.
F-15 TWS designated targets are no longer tracked when a target goes out of radar scan volume with a narrow azimuth scan width selected.
Su-27/33 and MiG-29A/S/G HPRF and MPRF head-on detection range is fixed.
Jammer detection range logic is fixed.
Spectator¡¯s ping logic is fixed.
SAM missiles can not longer see targets thought terrain.
Ship Friendly Fire bug is fixed.
Application/PC freeze bug while editing object properties in mission editor when summary window active is fixed.
A2A missiles resistance to passive counter-measures is tuned.
Standard Flight Model aircraft are no longer jerks on takeoff moment in MP.
Game freeze during mission loading appearing at the end of month is fixed.
New joystick profile system is implemented. Now the player can use several joysticks of the same model. Each joystick configuration instance will have a unique file name.
Axis smooth logic is fixed.
The drag data for ECM MPS-410 ¡±Omul¡±, L-081 ¡±Fantasmagoria¡±, ODAB-500 is fixed.
AGM-114 and AGM-65E missiles now have the proportional navigation type homing.
BGM-109, P-700 and P-500 missiles main engine operation time is fixed.
CH-47D, SH-53E, AH-1W, UH-60A, Mi-8 will operate from carrier deck now.
Target aspect indication in track mode is fixed.
STT track memory logic is fixed.
F-15 radar freeze bug is fixed.
Rearm using Alt-R is fixed.
The indication in STT mode on Russian fighters with range to target more than 100km is fixed.
Kh-55 cruise missile is removed.
Tu-22M3 is no longer carries the Kh-65 missiles.
The bug with vehicles positions located over structures in MP is fixed.
EOS lock range is fixed.
9M114 ATGM warhead strength is tuned.
Corrected bugs and added features 1.11

A memory leak caused by the client and host having different scenery settings has been fixed. This affected both single and multiplayer games.
A radar lock warning is now given to F-15C/A-10A player when locked by an Su-27/MiG-29 in Home On Jam (HOJ) mode.
No radar lock warning is given to Russian aircraft when locked by an F-15C in HOJ mode.
Even if the launch aircraft is destroyed, Active Radar Homing (ARH) missiles will trigger a radar lock warning when in active range.
Lock ranges when in Close Air Combat (CAC) modes have been decreased to 10 nm.
If an aircraft is using active Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), it is no longer possible to detect the emitter through terrain.
Level of Detail (LoD) models have been added to ground vehicles. This has increased frame rate when vehicles are viewed at a distance.
The F-15C can no longer identify a jamming target as friendly or enemy.
Radar lock for the F-15C in Vertical Scan (VS) mode and Gun mode is no longer instantaneous.
The F-15C backup artificial horizon now works correctly.
The F-15C backup compass on the canopy frame now shows the correct heading.
The F-15C can no longer acquire targets located behind a jamming aircraft.
Fixed the incorrect indication of range to next waypoint on the F-15 HUD.
The chaff and flares quantity for the F-15 has been increased. It is now equipped with 120 chaff packets and 60 flares.
The Su-27/33 and MiG-29 appear on the TEWS and RWR as a ¡®29¡¯ symbol because of the similarity of the associated radars.
ARH missiles will now use a conical search pattern when trying to acquire or reacquire a target. The search pattern will begin from the longitudinal axis of the missile, or the last known position of a designated target.
Seeker gimbal limits for ARH and IR guided missiles have been significantly reduced.
Patriot, I-HAWK, MICA AR, and Buk missiles can now use a loft trajectory when engaging targets at long range.
New AWACS detection logic. AWACS will now be limited by radar max range, min range, angle of beam, horizon, and terrain masking. Additionally, target detection will take into account a target¡¯s radar cross section (RCS), its aspect angle, and its air speed (targets below the threshold gate will not be detected).
New early warning radar (EWR) detection logic. EWR will now be limited by radar max range, min range, angle of beam, horizon and terrain masking. Additionally, target detection will take into target size, its aspect angle, and air speed (targets below the threshold gate will not be detected).
Missing lighting reflections for all flyables, except Su-25T, have been added to canopies.
Clients can now always enter their selected aircraft if the server has been running for more than eight hours.
Client stability in multiplayer has been increased.
Clients no longer suffer stuttering.
Client aircraft no longer shake in the air if flying in the Caucasus region.
View editing of client-recorded track files has been corrected.
When uninstalling, it is now possible to save your registry file automatically.
The "Press S" client message is no longer displayed at the start of a multiplayer game.
Cockpit lights will no longer work unless aircraft power has been turned on.
Landing approach audio cues now cease once over the runway threshold.
A-10A chaff and flare counters being reversed has been fixed.
In MP, players may now recover on the aircraft carrier after it has changed course.
If two clients spawn on the aircraft carrier deck simultaneously, the program will no longer crash.
Force Feedback support for aircraft using the Standard Flight Model (SFM) has been improved.
AGM-154s will no longer collide if dropped in salvo mode.
AGM-154 will no longer perform unrealistic flight maneuvers.
Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) will no longer engage moving targets.
The motion of the Target Designation (TD) box is no longer inverted if assigned to a joystick axis.
When jumping to another aircraft, cannon ammunition count will now be correct.
The wheels of client aircraft will now turn.
Flaming Cliffs logo has been added to the Main Menu image.
The acceleration/deceleration indicator logic in the HUD of Russian aircraft was changed to reflect it¡¯s real prototype. The indicator¡¯s movements were made discrete for all aircraft.
Fixed MP bug with ¡°invisible¡± missiles of SAM systems after reloading.
Fixed crash bug when player would re-spawn in an Su-33 after the carrier was sinking.
Fixed the crash bug when loading asymmetric payloads on wingtip launchers of the Su-27 aircraft (for example ¨C R-73 and Sorbtsia).
Fixed the fuel gage on MiG aircraft. It will now indicate the remainder of fuel in the external tanks.
Decreased probability of freezes/stutters before incoming AWACS messages.
Fixed MP bug which decreased client¡¯s acquisition range of helicopters.
Fixed engine operating time for the Kh-35 missile. It will fly at full range now.
The Vulcan anti-aircraft system will now initiate lock warning on the RWR/SPO systems.
Modern SAM systems can now engage anti-radiation missiles.
In MP, the position of flaps, brakes and gear of the Su-25T will now be displayed correctly.
In MP, clients will no longer see incorrect cannon position for ground units during strikes over static objects and ground points.
Fixed calculation of the sun¡¯s position, which previously resulted in erroneous time of day after 3 or more months, which affected the gameplay of long campaigns.
Star-Force (SF) copy protection software will no longer require a CD check at every start-up. Instead, it will only request it once a week.
SF is now compatible with 64-bit MS Windows OS.
Added a new Lua function in Lock On\Config\Network\stats.lua file. This function can permit or forbid the display of multiplayer event messages. By default, the messages are permitted by the chat log = true; line.
Added labels for all airports in the F10 view.
New 3D model of the S-8 unguided rocket by Alexander "Redline" Solovkov.
New 3D model of the Hydra 70 rocket, ALARM, and Sea Eagle missiles by George "GYS71" Sinitso.
New 3D model of the RIM-66 missile by Dmitry Kirichinsky.
New 3D model of the KAB-1500 guided bomb, 9M113, and 9M114 missiles by Marat "Aim" Zeinetdinov.
New 3D model of the CBU-97 cluster bomb and Kormoran by Mar§ã Marbot.
New 3D model of the FAB-1500 free-fall bomb and the S-5 unguided rocket by Peter "Peter Pan" Ruzanov.
New 3D model of the BL-755 cluster bomb, Kh-65, AGM-62, AGM-154, AGM-84E, AGM-119 missiles, GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-27 guided bombs, and Zuni unguided rockets by Yury ¡°SuperVasia¡± Bratukhin.
New 3D model of the AIM-54C missile by Mig-Mag.
We returned the old 800x600 graphics resolution to support 3D goggles. However, this resolution may cause some anomalies with the user interface; therefore we don¡¯t advice to use this resolution for normal game play.

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