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ModMan by: Skypat
For: Lock on Type: Utilitaire The 01/06/08 33020 dl DOWNLOAD

Mod Manager - January 8, 2008 (Aka Loman)
skypat.checksix@orange.fr - http://www.checksix-fr.com
Support forum : http://www.checksix-forums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=346

With MOD MANAGER window, this utility MANAGE mods/addons installation automatically by ONLY ONE CLICK
With MOD MAKER window, this utility PACKAGE yours mods/addons in order to make it MODMAN compliant
With TEXTURE BROWSER, this utility browse cat files (like .cdds, .gtl, .gtr file) and extract/replace textures

NATIVE LANGUAGE for this utility is ENGLISH
so selecting another language in main menu may corrupt interface (translation too long etc..etc..)
the file used for translation is /required/traduction.txt (you can modify it then send it me)

Japanese and Chinese are not supported, i didn't find any fix to make it work (Sorry for that)
the only CLUE is to select 'English language' in your Windows OS (Hotfix)
- FiXED: ModMan freeze at start for some users
(issue occurred for New ModMan user or for user moving from a very old ModMan version) (LOG implemented)
- FIXED: in some case graphics.cfg files was corrupted after installing an addon.
(it was occuring when graphics.cfg file contained some 'TAB' char)
- CDDS registration engine has been improved
- CDDS registration status is now displayed in package filelist(MOD MANAGER window)
CFG means CDDS file is registered in graphic.cfg file
N/A means CDDS file is installed but not registered in graphic.cfg file
- a basic LOG engine has been implemented, now all basic operations are logged.
you can fin log file in ModMan main folder (Major version)
------- is the more stable version (USE IT !!!)
- DEBUG CODE removed
- FIXED: (important Hotfix) some wrong values was added to graphics.cfg files in texturecollections section when removing and addon
- FIXED: now when a serious error occur during install (ie: bad texture file) ModMan continues to install others files.
- FIXED: (important hotfix) CDDS index file was not recalculated right when a mod removed several CDDS files

- During install process, when installing a CDDS file, ModMan will add the entries automatically in graphics.cfg file
you don't need to code anything.
- During uninstall process, when uninstalling a CDDS file, ModMan will remove the entries in graphics.cfg file
you don't need to code anything.
*IMPORTANT: Instructions for modders guys (specially landscape texture artist)*
a) if it's a winter CDDS file, use 'Win' word somewhere in your CDDS filename (respect upper and lower case)
--> "winter = ..." entries will be added in graphics.cfg file
b) if it's an autumn CDDS file, use 'Aut' word somewhere in your CDDS filename (respect upper and lower case)
--> "autumn = ..." entries will be added in graphics.cfg file
c) if it's a spring CDDS file, use 'Spr' word somewhere in your CDDS filename (respect upper and lower case)
--> "spring = ..." entries will be added in graphics.cfg file
d) in default case
--> "common = ..." entrie will be added in graphics.cfg file

- There is now an icon to launch CDDS explorer as a standalone application
- in CDDS EXPLORER window, now you can extract several texture at once (by checking checkbox front of each line then click on 'EXTRACT')
- In CDDS EXPLORER window, user extract folder is now saved for the session
- Turkish lanquage added (thanks to Torwak for translation)
(Note that like in others language, lots of things are not translated at this time, sorry for that)
Will try to do my best in future to update all translations
- The warning message when ModMan or Game is installed in c:program files appears now only for vista users.
- Turkish translation will soon be included in later version (Major version)
- MODS MANAGER button renamed to MOD INSTALLER
- MODS INSTALLER : Mod folder path is now displayed in the window's title
- MODS INSTALLER window have now a new look (Enhanced IHM)
- some others windows have also a new look
- MODS MAKER window : .CFG config file management
Now you just have to list KEY/VALUE you want to add/remove/change for your mod
during uninstalling a mod, ModMan know what was the original key/values ;)
- FIXED: some values was not properly changed inside SECTION including several SUBSECTION
(thanks again to T.E.C.-Leader who found this bug)
- Added vertical scrollbar to CFG windows
- Added vertical scrollbar to MISC windows
- Added vertical scrollbar to INI windows
- some graphics glitch are now completely fixed in graphics settings window
- Added C6 logo at the lower right end of the main menu
- DCS games support (Digital combat simulator series) is still in beta state (ie: Black Shark)
- all debug code has been removed
- internal build for beta tester, not released
- FIXED: some values was not properly changed in .CFG files (thanks to T.E.C.-Leader who found this bug)
- Black Shark beta users: move your addons from "addons_bs" to "addons_dcs" folder
- Changed some graphics files (like background)
- FIXED: some old mod/addon may not been properly detected after installed
- FIXED: For VISTA users, some mods adding entries in graphics.cfg files may not work properly in obvious case (some works fine) RC14
- VISTA 32bits & 64bits compliant
ModMan don't use registry key anymore
due to Vista UAC feature, You MUST NOT install ModMan or your game in "c:program file" folder
- fixed an obvious bug when previewing some graphics files. RC13 (Public Release open beta)
- added option to skip auto-update at startup in option window
- CDDS engine enhanced
- Added an option in the options window to disable 'check for update at startup' feature
- Added a button in the option window to check for update manually
- DDS decompress engine optimized
- if a mod overwrite a catalog file, all files which was installed in the catalog overwritten are now displayed correctly (red state)
- enhanced mod installation speed
- now a messagebox will ask your clearance if a mod want to overwriting hot files (meinit.xml, graphics.cfg, *.cdds)
- Added a "DELETE ALL" button in ADDOn MAKER window
- now you can 'CANCEL' a mod install, and resume it later (see below for checkbox option)
- in addon manager, added checkbox "Force re-installing all files even if some are already installed"
this checkbox is checked by default, this is the NORMAL and RECOMMENDED and SAFE mode (to avoid mods mismatch from a same author)
when a mod is in YELLOW state, if you click on "install" button, all files are re-installed
if you UNCHECK this checkbox, ONLY files NOT installed will be installed (may be useful for resuming very big mod install)
- obvious bug about readme.txt not displayed in addon maker is fixed
- new ModMan icon
- new setup installer
- in file by file mode (checkbox checked), after each file install, modman is now checking each addon state
- after an addon install/uninstall, you won't loose any more focus on the good line in the addon list.
- now modmanuild and modman emp directory are now checked each time modman.exe start
- now currentdirectory is saved after choosing a CDDS file in CDDS explorer
- now CDDS compress and OGG compress are not checked by default in ADDON MAKER window
- Aspect ratio has been fixed in CDDS explorer
- 'Embedded' text changed to 'Embedded DDS' in CDDS explorer window
- 'Signe' text changed to 'Single DDS' in CDDS explorer window
- Added meinit.xml backup service at first launch
- Added an XML explorer utility to do easy change to lockon XML files.
- (LockOn series) Now checking DDS format before inserting texture in CDDS, bad texture format will be installed in bazar emptextures folder
- Fixed an obvious bug, ModMan don't use any more local time(Daylight settings) for installing/removing/checking addons
- Disabled the 'Warning beta stuff window' to be sure to not forget it for final release ;)
- fixed a bug where graphics.cfg was not backup properly
- Advanced mode for settings graphics is now always on (graphics settings widnow)
- Advanced mode check box has been removed
- fixed bug on 'Support service' button in main menu
- fixed background logo size for basic windows
- added small text at the bottom of main menu if user don't use latest version
- Added GTR2 profile in modman.ini
- recompiled with dev env 10.5
- Added install information in install setup
- changed check update URL to http://www.checksix-fr.com domain
- Now ModMan check for new version update
- Full screen view is now scrollable
- When an addon install or remove a catalog file (.CDDS, .GTR), catalog index file is regenerated just after.
you don't need to exit and reenter modman anymore to regenerate index file.
- Fixed an obvious bug where a debug windows was displayed erreur #122
- Modman 6.0 is 100% working with:
all mods/addons made with older modman version
all mods/addons made with loman utility
all mods/addons made with GTRManager utility
- Windows VISTA (c)Microsoft is now supported
- Main window has changed, only a basic 'look' is available in this beta
- modman.ini structure has changed so don't use older modman.ini files
- Drastically optimised addon checking engine
- .CDDS insertion/extraction engine has been entirely recoded and replace old CDDSBrowser engine
Modman built-in engine now support all DXT format from DXT1 to DXT5 used by .CDDS catalog files
Performance for inserting/extracting has been drastically improved.
- CDDS Browser has been replaced by CDDS Explorer which is a Modman component.
CDSS Explorer allow to explore/extract/insert to/from .CDDS Files
- Now .cdds index files are also regenerated when Modman version change
- Now .gtr index files are also regenerated when Modman version change
- Added ADDON MANAGER light window to install / uninstall addons with basic options
You can easily switch between LIGHT and ADVANCED mode, your prefered mode is saved automatically.
- Fixed CDDS catalog index management (Lockon specific)
Now, CDDS (CID_xxx.txt) file index only list textures which can be installed in CDDS files
others files not supported will be installed in temptexture folder
now you can check always CDDS checkbox in ADDON MANAGER, it will work fine.
- Optimized some code.
- Fixed CDDS catalog index management
Now CDDS index management is generated and sorted like specified in configgraphics.cfg file from ED
it means that NOW latest textures from latest patch will go to the GOOD PLACE ! (ie: F-15 texture bug)
now you can check always CDDS checkbox in ADDON MANAGER, it will work fine.
- Fixed an obvious bug about texture
Some FC textures were not installed correctly in temptextures folder (lockon series)
- Added a 'CFG' flag in ADDON MANAGER WINDOW
White mean: no CFG/LUA modifications included in ZIP file
Green mean: CFG/LUA modifications installed
Red mean: CFG/LUA modifications not installed
Yellow mean: CFG/LUA modifications not installed entirely
- Added in ADDON MAKER, a CFG/LUA management windows, ENJOY !
it allow to ADD/REPLACE/DELETE KEY from SECTION/SUBSECTION in .cfg or .lua files
useful when you need to add a new CDDS entry in configgraphics.cfg
During Mod installation with ADDON MANAGER, these key will be added automatically (or removed) (Public Release)
- hotfix for lockon games
now CDDS checkbox is visible in ADDON MANAGER windows
- all RAR and ZIP files created manually are NOW SUPPORTED , enjoy !
(REQUIREMENT: the archive file just need to have a good game file structure without the first game root folder)
these archives are converted automatically to modman ZIP/RAR format by modman utility :)
- support .RAR and .ZIP compression
- application design changed
- Following games are configured/supported in modman.ini file (you can add your own by editing modman.ini file)
DMM mean (dedicated main menu)
DMM GTLegend from Simbin
DMM rFactor from ISI
DMM GTR from Simbin
GTL from Simbin
GTL demo from Simbin
DMM Lockon Flamming Cliffs
DMM Lockon
Strike Fighter Project one
Battle of britain II
Battle of britain
Flight Simulator 2004
Janes F/A-18
Falcon 4.0 BMS Flaming Cliff Edition beta 3 (OPEN PUBLIC BETA) (LOMAN 4.0)
- WARNING lockon 1.1 use some DXT2 textures, theses DXT2 files will be ALWAYS installed in temp texture folder
even if you check 'insert into CDDS files when possible'
because CDDSBROWSER don't support DXT2 format at this time.
- no you can change addon categorie if you think that categorie choosen by author is wrong
- Support BOTH lockon and lockon FC products (see game management in option window)
- FIXED BUG : Now you can click on an addon's Author website URL in ADDON MANAGER window
- Added new categories
- Fixed a bug about installation process
- Fixed important bug in internal detection routine about addon installation
- Now loman temp folder is empty after you quit
- Added german support language (click on german flag)
- New interface colors in all windows
- Added creation date in both list and you can sort on it
- Added check box in both addon list to uninstall or install several addons in one click
- Added refresh list option in ADDON MANAGER
so you can disable to have addon list updated after each addon installation.
Useful to add several addons without waiting between installation when list refresh
- Optimized Picturelist browsing in ADDON MANAGER
now you can switch between normal list and picturelist in only 1 second (with synchronized line)
- added UNINSTALL ALL button (pretty useful whe you want to uninstall all addons in order to put an official patch)
- fixed some minors bugs about ADDON MAKER module
- Fixed wrong data in the gtrindex.txt files
- Added a picture list option (checkbox) in addon manager window with thumbnails (enjoy !)
- Fixed a BIG BUG in ADDON MAKER window during the packaging and so some skins addons was not working during installation
- Fixed some minor bugs during package creation
- Fixed some translation
- Translation fixed
- You can add a complete tree folder in addon maker window
- support lua script changes for lockon sim
- minor bugs fixed
- Not released for lockon, compiled for another product : GTR from Simbin
- Not released for lockon, compiled for another product : GTR from Simbin
- Not released for lockon, compiled for another product : GTR from Simbin
GTR MANAGER 1.0 Final (LOMAN 3.0)
- 1.02 patch compliant (Loman 2.0 works to with 1.02 patch)
- now, you can view graphics files included in package (by icon or doubleclick)
- now, you can hear sound file files included in package (by icon or doubleclick)
- now, you can view others files included in package
- now, you will be able to pick and install ONLY ONE file include in a loman package,
it means you will be able to install one sound from one package then another sound from another package. :)
- Minor bugs fixed Final (LOMAN 2.0)
it is released without any addons
Launching lockon from loman and applying graphics settings automatically everytime (see in graphics windows)
Addon maker, added some stuff
Addon manager , added filters, sort, full screen view for logo/screenshot
New main GUI interface
Download center implemented
CDDS insertion implemented
DDS support implemented (Compress and uncompress)
OGG support implemented (Compress and Uncompress)
INI management implemented (not activated for lockon, SEE loman.ini)
Basic FILE operations management implemented (not activated for lockon, SEE loman.ini)
installer options changed, fix 'font' freeze
No game dependant, can manage addons for severals games
Games configured in loman.ini
- Lockon
- Strike Fighter Project one
- Battle of britain
- Flight Simulator 2004
- Janes F/A-18
- Falcon 4.0 BMS Final
Released with 10 lockon addons from several authors
but you can add others Lockon addons by adding 'LoMan addon ZIP file' to 'LoMan/addons' subfolder
Added: Addon MANAGER (to INSTALL AND UNINSTALL lockon addons)
Added: Addon packaging MAKER (to CREATE addons for lockon)
Added: CDDS Browser
Added: Mini 'i' help next to each option in Graphics tweaks window
Fixed: NOW work on W98/95/ME/XP/W2K Final (LOMAN 1.0)
Support for Lockon public release beta
Support for lockon B12 added beta
Works with demo and latest beta
Added "disclaimer" screen at startup beta
initial public release

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