DCS : Mise à jour et Mirage F1

DCS : Mise à jour et Mirage F1

Nouvelle mise a jour pour l’open Beta 
Grosse nouveauté trés attendue la sortie du Mirage F1 par Aerges

Ci-dessous le change log de cette version Open Beta

Introducing DCS: Mirage F-1 by Aerges

DCS World

  • ME. Payload window. A new auxillary panel has been implemented for individual settings for certain types of World War II weapons, primarily settings bomb fuses. This is the first iteration and the functionality of the panel will expand to all types of weapons. This includes fuze arming and delay timings.

Note: We are also working on new fuzes and a fuze and laser code selection panel for modern-day weapons. This includes JPF, DSU-33A/B, FZU-139, and others.

  • AI ground. Added the Soviet AAA 100mm gun KS-19 and the SON-9 AAA radar.
  • Weapons. R550 Magic 2 is now visible again for the C-101CC.
  • Theme. Added wallpaper, logo, and music for the China Asset Pack.
  • Added saving and restoring of the 2D Radio panel position.
  • AI aircraft. The AI makes a left/right zig-zag between wpt 1 and 2, seemingly for no reason – fixed.
  • AI aircraft. New sounds for CH-53, CH-47D, OH-58, and SA-342 Gazelle.
  • ME. The name value of the draw shape will be required to be unique. Same names are forbidden now.
  • AI aircraft. Mosquitoes can attack ships with rockets.
  • AI Helicopters with Hellfire ignore the limit on the assigned number of missiles used.
  • AI aircraft. Illumination rockets M257 delivery to high and short – fixed.
  • ME. Trigger zone can’t be selected under unit – fixed.
  • Weapons. Corrected AH-64D weapon weights.
  • Weapons. RP-3. MP. Trajectory desync – fixed.
  • Weapons. Harpoon search range logic was fixed.
  • AI aircraft. AI would not use guided weapons for Attack Runway Task – fixed.
  • AI aircraft. MQ-9 Reaper does not engage with laser-guided weapons – fixed.
  • Voice chat. The “Default” can be chosen as a hardware item.
  • WWII. Fix to the B-17 Javelin formation.
  • WWII. Fix to broken LOD of ships.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: Gun sparks.
  • Adjusted: Detection and lock radar range.
  • Fixed: When designating with the TPOD, the currently selected waypoint is overwritten with the designation coordinates.
  • Fixed: Harpoon explodes on launch in BOL mode – destroys player aircraft.
  • Fixed: TWS generates all track info with single sweep.
  • Fixed: Elevation value changes on waypoint when undesignating.
  • Fixed: Cannot detect helicopters in ACM mode.
  • Fixed: HMD: incorrect weapon sometimes is displayed.
  • Fixed: AACQ behaviour.
  • Fixed: AACQ in conjunction with Spotlight is locking targets outside of the spotlight region.
  • Fixed: AG RADAR image glitch if the TDC is used without undesignating first.
  • Fixed: Scan RAID does not maintain trackfiles when ageing set to 2.
  • Fixed: Exiting ACM does not return to previous PRF, PRF can’t be reset with RESET.
  • Fixed: Undesignate Switch behaviour in TWS SCAN RAID.
  • Fixed: Able to cage VV in AG mode in AUTO Bug.
  • Fixed: AG radar sticks in AGR mode when undesignating.
  • Fixed: MFD AGR image twitches when VSync is disabled.
  • Fixed: Creating an offset bearing with a leading 0 creates incorrect offset data.
  • Fixed: TALD dual Rack Jettison behaviour.
  • Fixed: Undesignate button does not exit flood mode.

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added Airshow smoke.
  • Added JFS Door animations.
  • Added B-Scan format (Designating after FTT has been entered (second depressing TMS-Up) will change the display symbology to a standard B-scan format with no video map background).
  • Adjusted ACAL DED page.
  • Added HSD Threat Ring Color Change. Will become red when threat is within the ring.
  • Added ability for FCR AG range changing, system automatically go in MAN
  • Fixed Possible crash in avionics when using IAM.
  • Fixed: SPI on HUD does not follow moving target in point track on TGP.
  • Fixed: AG Radar and TGP do not always align when using TGT.
  • Fixed: HSD Cursor Zero (CZ) Function.
  • Adjusted Radar detection and designation range. There will be a slight delay when the radar first detects a target as a Search hit before it becomes a valid track file. The time between first detection and valid track file is much less now. It now matches references.
  • Adjusted Radar look down effect to make it less severe. It now matches references.
  • Adjusted radar sensitivity to look-down clutter notch at close range.
  • Check stability when airspeed at 340kts + in AAR gains.
  • Fixed: Offset Aim Point (OAP) correction.
  • Fixed: TGP goes to the side when switching slaved waypoints.
  • Fixed: DED HUD Repeater Hot start issue.
  • Fixed: Wing Tanks moved backward.
  • Fixed: Possible to start JFS2 with no fuel.
  • Fixed: HARM – Can power on HARM after all missiles fired.
  • Fixed: On the Range Mission needs LatLong Coordinates JTAC uses MGRS.
  • Fixed: Text overlays Bullseye symbol in A/G Radar.
  • Fixed: CBU-97 CCIP release cue.
  • Fixed: A/G radar – target point changes position when changing scan width.
  • Fixed: MARK indication failed.
  • Fixed: TMS UP not working in AG RADAR SEA mode.
  • Fixed: In AG mode slant range on HUD is still shown as « F » even if FCR disabled.
  • Adjusted: AG radar range in Exp/DBS1/DBS2.
  • Fixed: ICP dobber switch can be used as a 8 way switch position.
  • Fixed: Unable to set a bullseye higher than steerpoint 25.
  • Fixed: Home plate can be set independently from steerpoint.
  • Fixed: HSD Expand Bug – Unable to Select Steerpoints in EXP2.
  • Fixed: CRUS Page BINGO endurance at bingo.
  • Fixed: AGR Manual scale after lock.
  • Fixed: With Maverick selected angle data is not shown in HUD.
  • Fixed: HARM not firing after ground jettison and rearm.
  • Fixed: FCR Slaved to HMCS gimbal limit.
  • Fixed: CRUS page logic correction (When in the CRUS page, when a CRUS option is mode selected, when you RTN and then go back to CRUS, it should take you to that mode page. If no option in mode is selected then it should take you back to TOS).
  • Fixed: EXP Zoom in HSD with CPL.
  • Fixed: HSD – missing route lines in EXP2 center mode.
  • Fixed: FUEL test numbers on dial instantly show 6000.
  • Fixed: HUD DED comm symbology should highlight when transmitting.
  • Adjusted: FCLS gun trigger gain.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • George as CP/G Target Identification System. Please see link on forum.
  • Rocket avionics adjustments.
  • Fixed: Potential of APU not starting on cold start.
  • Fixed: MP. Engines stop for CP/G.
  • Fixed: MP. Laser rangefinder desync.
  • Fixed: LMC incorrect behaviour when measuring range.
  • Fixed: LMC could cause strange TADS behaviour.
  • Fixed: Range source should be maintained to Point when PLT changes ACQ from a Point (B5) to TADS.
  • Fixed: TADS image desync after C/PG using gun.
  • Fixed::Previous radio frequency not stored.
  • Fixed: Radio presets set in ME are ignored for all radios.
  • Fixed: Unable to use the cursor to give coordinates when using EDIT.
  • Fixed: A/C Fixed Action Button behaviour on MFD.
  • Fixed: Incorrect TADS behaviour in multicrew.
  • Fixed: COORD page shows incorrect distance to WP until set DIR TO.
  • Fixed: CP/G head movement on client connect.
  • Fixed: Point saving via HMD using MAN range can be incorrect.
  • Fixed: George set safe after every Hellfire shot.
  • Fixed: The NVS Sensor Select switch should only be functional in NORM or FIXED mode.
  • Fixed: After switching MFD for cursor PAN mode move cursor to top right corner.
  • Fixed: MPD behaviour when ENG Start is pressed.
  • Fixed: No radar alt tape on FLT page.
  • Fixed: VID page TADS double cross.
  • Fixed: Multicrew parking brake not working.
  • Fixed: ZSU-23-4 Shilka does not spike.
  • Fixed: ASE page is lacking several items.
  • Fixed: Gun jiggling.
  • Fixed: FLIR Polarity not correctly working in multicrew.
  • Fixed: External tank advisory.
  • Fixed: Missing advisory message when internal auxiliary fuel tank is empty.
  • Fixed: Tooltips of comms volume knobs incomplete/wrong.
  • Fixed: MSL NOT RDY and dashed constraints box erroneous behaviours.
  • Fixed: Fuel XFER issues with C AUX.
  • Fixed: Flicker Pipes R AUX or L AUX when turned on if AUX GALLONS EXT.
  • Fixed: Fuel can’t be pumped from external tanks.
  • Added: TSD route leg animation.
  • Fixed: TSD Artillery Fire Points Error.
  • Fixed: WPN-MSL-UTIL page incorrect FCR indications.
  • Fixed: Missile indications errors.
  • Fixed: When the TADS FLIR is turned off on the WPN UTIL page, with the TADS as the selected sight, « FLIR OFF » should display in the Sight Status field of the High Action Display.
  • Fixed: Keyboard unit – “A” key behaves differently than other keys.
  • Fixed: FLT Page behaviour if already active on right MPD.
  • Fixed: Check ASE autopaging behaviour when ENG and FLT pages are displayed.
  • Fixed: Check MPD video underlay and ASE autopaging behaviour with TSD.
  • Fixed: Check MPD when EMER HYD switch on the EMERGENCY panel is pressed.
  • Fixed: C AUX on A/C FUEL page is not cursor selectable.
  • Fixed: INT Fuel QTY should turn yellow when low fuel state is reached.
  • Fixed: ASE/ASE UTIL pages.
  • Fixed: TADS stores waypoints in NAV phase.
  • Fixed: Manual page 333 creates confusion about ROE state
  • Fixed: Сanopy errors in the cockpit

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: Rear cabin Kord machine gun place multicrew and AI gunner capable.
  • Improved: Petrovich AI target identification system.
  • Improved: Mirrors third state for « mirrors » button. Third press removes mirrors from the cockpit.
  • Improved: Petrovich AI interface refactoring.
  • Improved: Petrovich AI notifying that target is in range even if it was in range when was locked.
  • Fixed: No missile launch after rearming in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Rearming disables countermeasures.
  • Fixed: Some dial positions off on electrical panel.
  • Fixed: R-60 indicator panel 3d model collision with ASP.
  • Fixed: Pilot clock indicator bug: forum.dcs.world/topic/282111-achs-1-shows-the-mode-indicator-in-the-wrong-order/)
  • Fixed: ARK-15 compass mode discrepancy between single player and multicrew.

Known issue: Multicrew Kord gunner client will desync if aircraft will rearm and change Kord gun mounting side.

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Stennis radar dish spinning too fast.
  • Updated: 3D model of the Airboss room.
  • Fixed: Incorrect state of the CVN-75 crew in MP.

DCS: A-10C II Tank Killer by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: Unable to bind Warthog throttle to any controls.
  • Fixed: When TCN and ILS are both selected on the NMSP, the ILS should be in charge of the ADI bank steering bar.
  • Fixed: Rotary switches can move from one to another end positions with one click.
  • Fixed: RMB/LMB inverted logic of some switches in the cockpit.
  • New cockpit switches sound.

Note: The ARC-210 radio is now in work.

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: cycle guns switch keyboard command gets stuck
  • Removed night vision goggles controls
  • Rearranged default keybindings to deconflict controls for landing/cockpit lights, pitot heater/oil diluter
  • Fixed: Rocket counter knob can not be rotated properly with keyboard input.

DCS: FW 190A-8 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added 4 separate UV lamps and controllers
  • Removed bomb detonator timing calculation from electric system, available in new detonator itself
  • Fixed: Fuel selector lever key bindings

DCS: FW 190D-9 Dora by Eagle Dynamics

  • Removed bomb detonator timing calculation from electric system, available in new detonator itself.

DCS: Bf 109K-4 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Removed bomb detonator timing calculation from electric system, available in new detonator itself
  • Added: Trim on Axis doesn’t function correctly

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added payload with the same bombs (by type) for use in carpet bombing tasks
  • Added fire extinguishers

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Added the ability to remove the refuelling probe door by triggering Argument 1616.
  • NEW: Added AFAC Role assignable from the mission editor.
  • Switched AIM-54 from parallel navigation to proportional navigation.
  • Added missing Liquid Oxygen gauge on front right pilot’s panel.
  • Fixed AP reacting over-sensitively to small roll or pitch inputs and disconnecting.
  • Re-added SC version for OP Reforger.
  • Fixed a bug in the ALR-67 threat association algorithm causing constant misassociation for groups of threats of the same type.
  • Fixed compass N-S switch N position.
  • Fixed an issue where Iceman would continue to go to steerpoint after disengaging and re-engaging him.
  • Fixed Iceman not holding altitude at low IAS.
  • Fixed Iceman having issues to hold heading.
  • Fixed Iceman not responding to inputs for altitude and airspeed correctly.
  • Fixed LTE in PD-STT ACM mode (was 3s, now 1s).
  • Fix BATR max time not updated by ground kneeboard burst length adjustments.
  • Default the M61 round limiter to 50 for F-14A in mission editor aircraft properties.
  • Fixed sensor track file remaining on TID display even if PAL mode was selected.
  • Improved LANTIRN GBU-24 accuracy.
  • Improved LANTIRN laser spot collision detection accuracy.
  • Fixed LANTIRN lasing for AI.
  • Fixed COMP panel push button fast syncing not working in certain situations.
  • Fixed wing sweep delay causing a too slow sweep rate.
  • Fixed wing sweep flags:
    • MAN flag shows in BOMB mode and
    • AUTO flag shows when AUTO program is cached in MAN mode.
  • Fixed wing sweep program resetting to AUTO after pressing MASTER RESET
  • Fixed Emergency Wing Sweep handle and Spider Detent logic around the Oversweep threshold.
  • Re-enabled normal maps on F-14 sealant surfaces.
  • Fixed COMP (COMB) typo on hydraulics gauge face.
  • Fixed droopy emergency brake handle.
  • Corrected broken normals on gear and TACAN panels.
  • Corrected various broken normals on RIO radar control surfaces.
  • Added label for Phoenix cooling switch on left side of RIO cockpit.
  • Added Chinese Localisation for the campaign “The Final Hour”. Thank you Alphabet_Ghost!
  • Updated Chinese Localisation for several missions. Thank you Alphabet_Ghost!
  • Updated general Chinese Localisation. Thank you Alphabet_Ghost.

DCS: AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • Completely overhauled Landing Gear suspension.
  • Fixed Landing Gear traction.
  • Ground Crew can now be called from ground start.
  • Fixed missing night lighting on rollers.
  • Fixed broken normals on the canopy frame and attached parts.
  • Improved the texture seam down the middle of the canopy frame.
  • Updated Chinese Localisation for several training missions. Thank you Alphabet_Ghost!
  • Updated general Chinese Localisation. Thank you Alphabet_Ghost!

DCS: AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: Steerpoints Elevation not being saved for Targetpoints
  • Fixed: Internal MPCD FLIR Page won’t change polarity when TPOD page is active and in IR Mode
  • Fixed: AGM-65F IR Mav page missing Wide FOV Symbology after firing the first missile.
  • Fixed: GBU-12/16 Laser code is adjustable in flight.
  • Update: INS will be set to NAV mode for missions dated before March 1994.
  • Added: GBU-12/16 Laser code in the kneeboard page.

DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed S530D on pylon position and plume position
    • Fixed thrust getting low shortly when nozzle closes/opens
    • Fixed reverse thrust when nozzle destroyed
    • Fixed RPM warning on ground
    • Fixed unlimited ammo for missiles
    • Fixed nozzle fire happening at high altitudes
    • Fixed SAMP250 drag
    • Fixed MISSION ACCOMPLIE texture mipmaps
  • Aircraft handling and performance
    • Drag FBW and autopilot tuned to engine changes
    • Improved wake turbulence effect
    • Improved roll autotrim
    • Improved pitch autotrim
  • Miscellaneous
    • Improved landing gear on-ground modelling
    • Improved VTB startup visual effect
    • Added transonic mach cone visual effect (player side only)
    • Removed obsolete full asynchronous radar option (now always on)
    • Set parking brake on when hot starting on parking
  • M53-P2 Engine Model rework (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Improved : New physical engine model
    • Improved : Performance evolution with pressure, temperature, speed
    • Added : Effect of precipitation
    • Improved : More realistic transient
    • Improved : More realistic FADEC with alternate (SEC CALC) and emergency (SEC CARB) modes
    • Added : SEC CALC can be set manually or automatically and reset manually
    • Improved : Engine alarms
    • Updated : Drag tuning (aircraft and stores) to match engine performance
    • Added : Supersonic idle flameout
    • Updated : In flight restart held by solenoid
    • Added : Engine physical data logging feature
  • Damage (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Added : Engine smoke in case of damage/fire (not yet MP synced)
    • Improved : More engine failures
    • Added : physically based performance degradation
    • Added : overtemp engine damage
    • Added : Engine fires (main and afterburner)
    • Added : Cascading engine damage (exploding compressor can cause other damage)
    • Added : Engine damage with high mach and cones retracted
    • Added : Oil leak modelling and SEC HUILE (emergency oil) switch
    • Added : Guns damage
    • Improved : All 4 slats can be damaged independently
  • Weapons (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Added SAMP250 high and low drag bombs
  • Misc (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Added : absolute BAD coordinates in DTC text format
    • Improved : AP pitch correction are less aggressive
    • Improved : more realistic HUD FOV and constrained FPM/target box law
    • Added : Fuel dump trails (not yet MP synced)
    • Improved : Exterior light levels
    • Improved : Landing gear model
    • Added : Customizable elastic limit (force based stick G-limiter threshold)
    • Improved : Airbrake aerodynamics
    • Improved : Green radio guard standby added to SRS
  • Liveries (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Tigermeet liveries renamed to avoid being set by default
    • Added MISSION ACCOMPLIE retirement celebration livery
  • Bugs (already present in 06/2022 update)
    • Fixed : Default green radio channel set to 01
    • Fixed : PCM incitation stays when SABRE switched off
    • Fixed : Issue displaying RWR threats in some cases

DCS: JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Fixed: AA radar bug/lock distance issue
  • Fixed: AA radar mode disordered after losing hpt/spt
  • Fixed: AA radar jamming contact in VS mode
  • Fixed: AG radar GMTI mode should not detect vehicle in water
  • Fixed: WMD7 no laser in slave mode
  • Fixed: launch two C802AKs, 2nd missile not follows 1st configuration
  • Fixed: C802AK LOS abnormal behaviour issue
  • Fixed: CM802AKG cannot switch from ATA to MAN issue
  • Fixed: CM802AKG valid control area
  • Fixed: Checklist anti-col light power error issue
  • Added: special option to choose CM802AKG control mode
  • Added: AA radar shows mach number for hpt/spt
  • Added: South Atlantic map UTC for clock
  • Adjusted: LD10 params
  • Adjusted: attitude limitation for rocket launch

DCS: I-16 by OctopusG

  • Fixed ground crew interaction (intercom)
  • Improved gun sound: fixed rate of fire sound
  • Added items announced but not included in previous update:
    • Single Missions
    • EN Training Missions
    • Voice for Training Mission
    • EN Flight Manual

DCS: MiG-21BIS by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Added inputs:
    • Aileron boosters On, Off
    • Flaps 0<>25 – for joystick
    • Flaps 45<>25 – for joystick
    • Airbrakes On, Off
    • Airbrakes On<>Off – special for joystick
    • Pylon 1-2 Power On, Off
    • Pylon 3-4 Power On. Off
    • GS-23 Gun On, Off
    • Missiles Heat On, Off
    • Missiles – Rockets Launch On, Off
  • Added: VoIP radio
  • Added: ASP view in HUD only view (LALT+F1)

DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

  • Added: VoIP radio

Flaming Cliffs by Eagle Dynamics

  • F-15C: Green glare on the HUD – corrected.

DCS: Combined Arms by Eagle Dynamics

  • Rotate turret not working in isometric view – fixed.
  • Stryker Family of Armored vehicles have had sights updated
  • M1A2 Abrams added 3x, 6x, 13x, 25x and 50x to FLIR sights.

DCS: NS430 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added options for F-14, Mi-24P and JF-17 cockpits
  • Adjusted the rotation speed of knobs

The Channel Map by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed black surface texture on the distant LOD of surface at the autumn and the spring
  • Manston airfield: the fence was too close to the taxiways, which led to a collision with some aircraft
  • Fixed a lot of glitches in the shoreline geometry of England
  • Fixed some glitches of surface geometry along roads

South Atlantic Assets Pack by RAZBAM Simulations

  • New – Added Ski Ramp static object for aircraft to practice take-offs on land
  • New – Added Nodding Donkey 3d model
  • Fixed – Taxi routes on Invincible
  • Fixed – Landing point on Invincible – AV-8B NA now lands on the flight deck instead of in the sea.
  • Fixed – Attribute to Invincible « Armed Air Defence » to Give Aircraft Launch Warning
  • Fixed – Added beamwidth parameter to Seacat missile Changed Ariadne, Achilles, Andromeda, A. Condell and A. Lynch to attribute « Frigates », was « Cruisers »
  • Fixed – SA Asset Pack – No RWR returns from Invincible or Leander ships
  • Fixed – reduced Sea Dart ammo count to correct value of 22
  • Fixed – SA Assets: HMS Invincible Zodiac boat missing texture
  • Fixed AI taxi route on Invincible deck for AI
  • Fixed – Added Lods for all Leander and Condell class ships

South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM Simulations

  • New – Airfield Pampa Guanaco
  • New – Airfield San Julian
  • New – Terrain Detail maps (still WIP) most of the south and parts of the mid to north areas
  • New – Some additional cliffs added around Falklands Islands
  • New – introduction of vegetation maps in the north of the mainland
  • New – custom beaches around Falklands Islands
  • Fixed – AI Taxiway collision at Punta Arenas
  • New – Towns: Gobernador Gregores, Puerto San Julian, Estancia La Maria, Punta Quilla, Santa Cruz
  • Fixed – Some texture fixes across the map
  • Fixed – Added additional AI Taxi Route at Rio Gallegos


DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

  • Added 6 new voices characters for a total of 500 more lines of dialogue
  • A-10C II and A-10C loadouts modified to enhance mission parameters
  • Missions 3, 8, 10, 11, and 12 significantly changed
  • Updated Triggers and Conditions for most missions
  • Updated objectives and scoring for most missions
  • Added « Objectives Completed » radio message to all missions
  • Updated _ README FIRST_AGILE SPEAR Gameplay Settings

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Horizontal: Changed the names of all missions (should have the same format now). Turned off enforcing labels (players can use their own option). Updated skin localization.
  • Mission 01: Removed information about ACLS being down. Fixed final BRC calls (204, as should be). Fixed possible issue with LCRA Tower calling to switch to Ground before landin.
  • Mission 02: Fixed issue with missing subtitles for Akrotiri. Femoved countermeasures and ammo from Flip’s aircraft. Updated quality of some VOs.
  • Mission 03: Updated briefing (fixing the DMPI order, adding UTC time; in game and PDF). Updated altitude blocks for other Ravens.
  • Mission 04: Updated location of the Russian vessel (no longer over another static ship).
  • Mission 05: Added info for the player to use CAT 2 (briefing and PDF). Blade should now rejoin correctly at WP1 with Player. Added note about radio discipline during the mission.
  • Mission 06: Added info about possible damage by Tomcats on the deck (briefing and PDF).
  • Mission 10: Fixed critical bug with Tomcats getting stuck on the deck at mission start.
  • Mission 14: Fpdated briefing adding clear information about player’s task (briefing and PDF).

DCS: F-14A Zone 5 Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Tanker speeds adjusted
  • Subtitle lengths adjusted as a workaround to a new DCS radio transmission bug.
  • Player has to confirm fencing out
  • New ‘mission complete’ visuals and music

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Briefing typos corrected

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Campaign progression issues solved
  • Mission 6, the southern LW group shouldn’t attack Gimlet

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