Dcs World : Razbam Mirage 2000c -Update

Dcs World : Razbam Mirage 2000c -Update

Les correctifs arrivent.. (enfin) :

Une fournée de correctifs vient d’être transmise à ED pour intégration :
Une autre salve est également prévue mais toujours en dévelloppement chez Razbam.

Au menu :

Flight Model and Systems:

  • Added clickableness to secondary oil switch
  • Added instability modeling for high angle of attack with heavy loadout
  • Fixed slat schedule equation
  • Fixed jittery acceleration numbers for HUD when weight on wheels (takeoff)
  • Fixed AP flight path marker on HUD now follows pitch ladder with roll
  • Fixed airbrake not showing in multiplayer
  • Fixed airspeed shown in HUD is now proper calibrated airspeed
  • Updated slat effectiveness
  • Updated weights of stores/pylons based on new data
  • Updated engine thrust for correct takeoff acceleration data
  • Updated rolling friction for accurate ground reaction behavior
  • Updated gear reaction for smoother response
  • Updated airfoil tables for proper lift and drag across envelope
  • Updated thrust, airfoil aerodynamics, fuselage aerodynamics to match performance data
  • Updated afterburner thrust reaction to environmental conditions
  • Updated roll rate control response with increased inertia (stores)
  • Updated FBW AOA limiter behavior and response
  • Updated FBW roll/yaw coupling logic
  • Updated AP for better response
  • Updated fuel flow modeling for various airframe and environmental conditions
  • Updated AP logic so that it holds trim position when placed off, thus leaving airframe in trimmed state
  • Updated FBW low speed behavior to be more AOA controlled, previously was pitch rate controlled. Gives more accurate response and behavior in low speed feels more like a standard aircraft.
  • Updated trim control sensitivity
  • Updated FBW spin switch logic
  • Updated FBW emergency switch logic

3D Model and Textures:

  • Updated HUD glass material/texture
  • Updated collision model with misconfigured line segements
  • Updated fuel tank model and attachment angle
  • Updated external model with minor specular changes
  • Updated cockpit and external model for optimized polygons and more rounded cylinders
  • Updated interior lights