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IL-2 Great Battle JDD N°244 et Covid-19

IL-2 Great Battle JDD N°244 et Covid-19

Le contenu de ce JDD concerne principalement le développement de l’opus Normandie avec au programme:

  • Les travaux sur les véhicules terrestres sous-traités.
  • Les travaux d’aménagement des nouveaux bâtiments.
  • La taille et les limites de la nouvelle carte de Normandie maintenant finalisées, le travail a commencé sur la carte, y compris les aérodromes.
  • Des escadrons pour le mode Carrière ont été préparés.
  • Les modèles visuels sur trois premier appareils ont commencé et le modèle de vol du P-47D-22 est également en cours.



Concernant l’actualité sanitaire qui touche actuellement le monde entier, Jason a posté un commentaire concernant l’équipe de développement:

Dear Friends,

As you already know the world is dealing with a health emergency and viral pandemic that we haven’t seen in a 100 years or so. It will likely reach every part of the world eventually. We hope none of you catch it and if you do, we hope you have a fast and full recovery. Our first priority is to the health and well-being of the Sturmovik Development Team and their families. 1CGS has taken steps to keep the work environment in Moscow healthy and hopefully virus free. Many of you are dealing with the same thing at your place of business and in your own homes. It’s a crazy time to be honest. This event has already disrupted our team and not allowed Jason to travel to Moscow and meet with the team to plan future development of Great Battles. If it becomes necessary, most if not all of the team can work remotely from home and we can continue making progress on our development goals. Nevertheless, some disruption to our plans may occur. Let’s all hope this damn virus goes away and effective treatments and a vaccine is developed quickly.  

And we must keep the proper perspective, we make a video game, there are many other more important matters in life to worry about, so for anyone in our community that may be in a part of the world that has already been hard hit by this virus know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. And if any of you are on the front lines as nurses or doctors or emergency personnel please be safe out there! Everyone please use good common sense and practice good hygiene to help slow the progression of the virus.

It’s possible that many of us will choose to stay indoors or maybe forced to be indoors and IL-2 may be a good activity to pass the time. So, please, let’s keep this community forum a friendly place while humanity fights off this damn virus.


The Sturmovik Team


A noter l’initiative de Jason qui vient de lancer une période de promotion de 30 jours sous forme de code promotionnel disponible sur le profil de votre compte officiel:



If you happen to be stuck indoors for a while, we’ve given everyone a unique, single-use discount code for many of our products. Early Access and Pre-Order products are not included. 

– 50% Off BOBP and FC1
– 75% Off All other released content

– The codes are good for 30 days

You can find the codes in your IL-2 User Account which you can access from the Main Page of the website. You just have to log in. They are easy to find. Just apply them in the Cart. Remember, we don’t mean your forum profile.

We hope this will give you some new options if you have to stay indoors during this disruptive period. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!



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