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IL-2 Great Battles: Code promotionnel disponible sur le site officiel !

IL-2 Great Battles: Code promotionnel disponible sur le site officiel !

Disponible sur le site Officiel, le code promo n’est valable que pour un compte au moment de la transaction, voir si dessous



L’annonce officielle:



The McRib sandwich IL-2 Promo Codes Are Back for a limited time! They are good only in the Official IL-2 Webstore!


The codes are good until March 22nd, 2021 at 10:00am Pacific Time.


We have put two codes in your profile.


The first is good 50% Off all products except – TC, BON, FC2, AAA Vehicles and Dover series products.

The second is good for 35% Off Tank Crew.


You can find the codes in your IL-2 User Account which you can access from the Main Page of the website. You just have to log in and go to Profile then Promo Codes. They are easy to find. Just copy and apply them in the Cart at checkout.


IMPORTANT: Remember, we don’t mean your forum profile and only apply the code once you are fully READY for checkout otherwise the store will think you have already redeemed it if you hit your browser’s back button. Shop carefully so you don’t have to contact support.


NOTE: This is why it’s a great time to LINK your BOS Steam purchase with your IL-2 User Account. Steam does not allow promo codes like this, so make sure to link it and take advantage of these promo codes.


NOTE: New user accounts will receive their promo codes in about 24 hours after creation.


REMEMBER: Spread the word! Direct sales from the IL-2 Official Webstore give us a higher profit margin helping us to create more content and expand the team.


Finally, the team is on holiday until February 24th. Customer Support tickets will be delayed until after the team returns.





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