Il-2 Great Battles: Patch 4.703 Les nouveaux bombardiers WWI et WWII sont là !

Il-2 Great Battles: Patch 4.703 Les nouveaux bombardiers WWI et WWII sont là !

Le nouveau patch estampillé 4.703 vient de sortir.

Au programme, comme déjà mentionné dans les derniers JDD, il rajoute 3 nouveaux  bombardiers.

Le JU-88 C-6 pour l’opus Normandie, ainsi que le Gotha G.V et le Handley Page 0/400 pour l’opus Flying Circus Volume 2.

A  noter également, une nouvelle campagne gratuite en Spitfire XIV intitulée « His Majesty’s Griffons » par Alexander « BlackSix » Timoshkov.

Pour cela il vous faudra posséder l’opus Bodemplatte pour la carte et l’opus Normandie en Early acces pour le Spitfire XIV.

Autre gros changement, un nouveau rendu de la sphère céleste (ciel et des étoiles) afin de la rendre plus réaliste.





De nombreux autres changement sont répertorié si dessous:

Major changes

1. Ju 88 C-6 heavy twin-engine fighter is now available to all owners of the Battle of Normandy;

2. Handley Page O/400 twin-engine heavy bomber is now available to all owners of the Flying Circus – Vol. 2;

3. The Gotha G.V. WW1 twin-engine heavy bomber is now available to all owners of the Flying Circus – Vol. 2;

4. The new historical campaign His Majesty’s Griffons (Spitfire XIV on the Rheinland map) has been added (it is free for players who have this map from Operation Bodenplatte and the aircraft from the Battle of Normandy);

5. The game uses completely new technology to render the celestial sphere, resulting in a more realistic picture;

6. In-game lighting has been completely reconfigured, reducing the « blue tint » (especially during winter);

7. The starry sky is now somewhat distinguishable at sunset;

8. Position of celestial bodies now depends not only on time and date, but also on geographical coordinates (including when moving on the map);

9. Winter snow rendering at close range has been improved;

10. Improved brightness balance between the ground surface and objects textures;

11. Quick Mission time settings allow to set any time, also it is possible to quickly select the time of sunset, midnight, dawn and noon;

Career mode changes

12. A new mission type, Traffic interdiction, has been added for German squadrons that flew the Bf 109 E-7, Fw 190 A-5, Fw 190 A-8, Hs 129 B-2, Bf 110 E-2/G-2, and Ju 88 C-6;

13. The Ju 88 C-6 heavy fighter is available in the Battle of Stalingrad Career mode (III./KG 76) and in the Battle of Kuban (7.(Eis)/KG 51 and 9./KG 55);

14. Player can join II./JG 3 in the Battle of Stalingrad;

15. Player can join II./KG 76 (Battle of Moscow and Battle of Stalingrad);

16. Battle for Stalingrad 7th phase (12 Dec. 1942 – 9 Jan. 1943) targets corrected (some depots to bomb were on friendly territory);

17. Rhineland map (QM, AQM, Career, Mission Editor Templates): large railway station buildings won’t visibly ‘hang’ in the air;

Aircraft changes

18. On all Bf-109 aircraft (except for the E-7) the aerodynamic characteristics of the propeller have been changed to eliminate the unrealistic behavior of the aircraft in the wake of the propeller and the possibility of « hovering on the propeller ». The airframe aerodynamics of these aircraft has also been corrected so that the maximum speed, rate of climb, turn time, and acceleration time better corresponded to the reference values;

19. On all Bf-109 aircraft (except for the E-7) the effectiveness of the ailerons at high speeds has been changed (increased) (the « clamping » of the ailerons has been reduced at speeds over 400 km/h);

20. On all Bf-109s aircraft (except for the E7 and K4) the engine thermal model was corrected to eliminate the erroneous engine overheat warning message when the limits were not exceeded;

21. On Bf-109 F4 and G-series aircraft the engine model was corrected to eliminate an error that resulted in a decrease in the boost pressure before reaching the design altitude;

22. Nieuport 28 modification of the Vickers large-caliber machine guns (« Balloon gun ») was corrected (150 rounds per gun instead of 200);

23. The S.E.5a machine guns are directed upwards relative to the propeller axis;

24. Fw 190 A-6: smoke from the engine exhaust is now visible from the cockpit;

25. Flying Circus Imperial system airplanes now have technochat messages also displayed in that system;

26. Aircraft with manually controlled engine exhaust flaps now appear in the sim with the flaps fully open (except for airplanes with individually configured exhaust flap positions);

27. Aerobatics smoke generators were corrected;

28. All collimator sights with a glowing reticle that has movable elements: the brightness increase effect in the center of the optical system has been corrected;

29. Ju-88 A-4 canopy jettison looks correctly in multiplayer;

30. The ability to set an offset position of the engine control axes relative to the « common » axis in the « All Engines Selected » mode on multi-engine aircraft (« thrust difference ») when the control helpers are on is possible again;

31. Flying Circus bombs’ warheads were corrected;

32. Reduced posterization of the gunsight reticle halo;

33. Heavy bomber AIs won’t try to evade an attack by zig-zag maneuvering;

34. AI will correctly aim any type of forward firing weapons (such as guns and machine guns) when the ‘primary’ weapon ammunition is spent;

35. Various improvements to Ju-52, Bf-110 E-2, Ju-87 D-3 and other German aircraft cockpit textures by Oyster_KAI;

36. Landing gear position indicator light brightness corrected on all German aircraft;


Graphics changes

37. New improved fuel and engine fire effects for jet aircraft added;

38. New improved fire effects for player controllable detailed ground vehicles added;

39. Fixed posterization of the moon and stars halo;

40. Fixed an issue with Anti-Aliasing not working well enough at some angles;

41. Fixed an issue with landing lights and flares being visible through clouds;

42. Fixed an issue with a « white streak » visual artifact going down the rivers at a great distance from the camera;

43. Reduced vignetting of the « Cinematic Camera » effect;

44. Fixed an issue with an incorrect gaze direction in VR devices when switching to the gunner on aircraft where a rear gunner sits close with his back to the pilot;


Other changes

45. Sunrise and sunset times are calculated more accurately where they affect the game logic;

46. Fixed an issue that caused the radio message to repeat endlessly when an AI wingman destroyed a train;

47. Railroad platforms with M2.50 anti-aircraft guns, DSHK, Bofors L60 and Flakvierling 38 added.


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