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IL-2 Great Battles: Patch 3.011

IL-2 Great Battles: Patch 3.011

Ce patch apporte principalement du contenu à Flying Circus avec l’arrivée du Fokker DVII et du Sopwith Dolphin mais aussi l’ajout des équipages de chars pour Tank Crew.









Voir changelog suivant:

  1. Fokker D.VII is available to Flying Circus: Volume I customers;
  2. Sopwith Dolphin is available to Flying Circus: Volume I customers;
  3. KV-1s and Pz-VI-H1 tanks (Tank Crew project) now have visible crews;
  4. AI pilots correctly attack landed or taking off enemy planes;
  5. Artillery markers on the map were updated;
  6. Simple (not player controllable) vehicles now have more detailed armor. This is noticeable while attacking them from above;
  7. Projectile ricochet modeling became more complex;
  8. Wandering personnel on the ground won’t die from collisions that easy;
  9. The pathfinding of vehicle columns travelling through settlements has 25% less performance impact;
  10. Simple vehicles adjust their speed accordingly to the surface type (road or cross-country);
  11. There are new AI vehicle formations available – line left, line right, centered line – and ability to make naval-like all-together turn;
  12. The ground AIs keep formation better;
  13. Multiplayer: now at least 25% of the affecting player coalition or 25% of all players on the server must vote to ban a player;
  14. Multiplayer: visible tank ammo won’t visually ‘shake’;
  15. Multiplayer: when other players occupy aircraft turrets, their remaining magazines and individual rounds are displayed correctly;
  16. Multiplayer: net traffic for multi-crew aircraft has been optimized;
  17. FM: a rare critical bug that could cause an application crash has been found and fixed;
  18. FM: aircraft propellers interaction with the ground surface has been made more accurate so their blades won’t sink into the ground during a crash;
  19. FM: aircraft propellers won’t vibrate when an damaged engine is off;
  20. FM: Force Feedback effect during ailerons and elevator buffeting (when flying too fast) has been made stronger;

  21. FM: Visual shaking inside a cockpit is added when control surfaces are buffeting at high airspeed;

  22. The delay between releasing a trigger and the actual stop of firing has been minimized;

  23. Several guns are now reloaded one after another, without overlapping;
  24. In-cockpit gunfire sounds were improved for Flying Circus aircraft.


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