DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX Disponible en pré-commande

DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX Disponible en pré-commande

le Spitfire est enfin disponible !!!
« Ah non?? En pre-commande seulement  me soufle t’on et au prix de  39.99 $ tarif spécial avant sa sortie le 16 décembre  😉 »
Je vous laisse lire la newsletter commerciale de ED pour plus d infos .

Ed nous annonce également la prochaine mise à disposition de la version DCS world 2.5 !!
« Ah ?! comment cela  non plus !!
« Seulement  la version  1.5.5 open beta »  (je sais je suis taquin 🙄 )  mais avec pour principale nouveaute l’ajout de possibilité d’annoter la map en live !!….

Sinon des update également pour le SU-27  le UH-1H et le petit nouveau le F-5E


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DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX Available for Pre-Purchase on 3 November 2016

We are happy to announce that DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX will be available for pre-purchase from our E-Shopstarting 3 November 2016 for $39.99 USD.

Spitfire in the DCS E-Shop

Pre-purchase the Spitfire and receive a 20% discount on its 16 December 2016 $49.99 USD release price.

The Vickers Supermarine Spitfire is arguably the most iconic fighter aircraft of World War II. Famous for its role in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire served as Britain’s primary fighter during the entirety of the war. The Spitfire combines graceful lines, eye-watering dogfight performance, and heavy firepower in its later variants. For DCS World, we are happy to bring you the most accurate and realistic simulation of the Spitfire LF Mk IX ever created. The aircraft has been tested extensively by current Spitfire pilot Nick Grey and is unmatched in fidelity and detail.

The Spitfire Mk IX was originally developed as a stopgap measure as a response to the appearance of the Focke-Wulf FW 190A. The Spitfire IX is powered by the Merlin 66. This engine produces its best performance at slightly lower altitudes than the older Merlin 61. Spitfires equipped with this engine were designated LF Mk IX. This was the most numerous version of the Mk IX, with 4,010 produced. The majority of Mk IXs of all types used the standard « c » wing, which would often carry two 20mm cannon and four .303in machine guns.

The Mk IX replaced the Mk V from June 1942. It allowed the RAF to go back onto the offensive in occupied Europe, and resume the « circus », « ramrod » and « rodeo » raids. Its first combat success came on 30 July 1942, when a Spitfire Mk IX shot down a Fw 190. Amongst other notable achievements, the Mk IX took part in the highest altitude combat of the Second World War, when it intercepted a Ju 86R at 43,000 feet over Southampton on 12 September 1942. On 5 October 1944 Spitfire Mk IXs of 401 Squadron were the first allied aircraft to shoot down an Me 262 Jet. The Mk IX remained in service until the end of the war, even after the appearance of the Griffon powered Mk XIV. It is considered by many combat pilots as the greatest aircraft of the war and a personal favourite of Johnnie Johnson, Britain’s leading ace of WWII with 34 confirmed kills and 700 operational sorties, the vast majority on Spit IXs.

Key Features of DCS: Spitfire LF Mk IX

  • Unmatched flight and ground handling physics that allow you to truly feel what it’s like to operate this legend
  • Highly detailed, six-degrees-of-freedom (6 DOF) cockpit
  • Interact with cockpit controls with your mouse
  • Accurate Spitfire LF Mk IX model, squadron markings, and weapons
  • Detailed modelling the Spitfire LF Mk IX instruments, weapons, engine, radios, fuel, and electrical systems
  • Fly with fellow P-51D Mustangs as you battle Fw 190 D-9s and Bf 109 K4s in single and multiplayer dogfights
  • Instant Action and Single Missions
  • Interactive training missions
  • Campaign (for final release)
  • Selectable options of elliptical or clipped wing variants (for final release)

Bonus Week Special

Continuing from last week and lasting until 8 November at 0900 GMT, we are offering a huge 60% savings using bonus points many fantastic products.

Please visit to DCS E-Shop

DCS World 1.5.5 Open Beta

Soon we will be releasing the 1.5.5 Open Beta update to DCS World. Once we feel that any « Showstopper » bugs have been resolved, we will release it as the public version. Some of key features of this update include:

Tactical Markers for F10 Map

At the request of virtual pilots, we have implemented an option to add markers to F10 map while in a mission. Using a new button on the F10 map toolbar, any player can add his or her mark to the map with a brief description. Thus, you can mark a point or target or landmark on the map, and all the players from your coalition will immediately see it. For example: you could mark targets for the next sorties on the map that could then be assigned to coalition members. Thus, online gameplay becomes much more interactive and makes it possible to develop teamwork under the conditions of rapidly changing environment.


  • Incorrect indication of fuel quantity when start in air has been fixed
  • Flight control system with AOA and G-limiter has been adjusted
  • Autopilot has been adjusted
  • Tires strength has been adjusted


  • A new option has been added that allows you to now choose different control modes of using TrackIR and mouse together to control the machine gun and door gunner with no need for manually adjustment mouse axis and TrackIR settings


  • Tail spin has been modified (nature of the aircraft spin entry has been specified)
  • Inverted spin has been simulated
  • Critical engine operation modes at the spin entry have been simulated
  • Radar operation under the conditions of active jamming has been simulated
  • Presentation of the ground clutter on the radar display has been simulated
  • An option to adjust visibility of the target mark using the VIDEO switch under conditions of ground declutter has been added
  • RWR operation simulation has been improved (audible signals from various threats depending on the type of threat operation mode and missile launch signal have been added)
  • The radar beam motion (B-Sweep) has been better simulated on the radar display

There are also many other corrections and improvements. See in the Official Updates forum section.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

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