Falcon BMS 4.37.0 disponible.. en VR

Falcon BMS 4.37.0 disponible.. en VR

Un cadeau de Noël par l’équipe de BMS.


Le changelog est fourni (Wildcat vous fera surement un post la dessus sur le forums 😉
Mais le point majeur que beaucoup attendaient est l arrivée de la VR sur Falcon !!!
on trouve aussi une toute nouvelle interface et une meilleure prise en compte du multi CPU.


Data Changelog
3D & Textures changes:
-Added Ground units: Griffin II, EL-8222 Elta
– Fixed Cockpit F-16 Block 50 HAF
– Fixed F-16 AGRS Afterburner effect
– Added ECM panels and switches for all F-16
– Added Mirrors for 2000C, F-15C, 2000-5 and 2000D
– New F-15C cockpit (Work in progress from Qawa)
– New PS effect for contrail optimization
– New PS effect for wingtip trail (Kouzi)
– Adjusted Ship burning effect

UI changes:
– New music for the UI
– Complete new UI Full HD support (new _FHD folder in Art)
– New splash screens – Updated Intro video
– New training mission for ECM / SEAD
– Added new Graphics options

Flight Models changes:
– Fixed models due to Boom and basket refuel misalignments
– F-16 HFFM rework around M0.4 – 0.6
– Improved FM for F-15A and D
– Complete revamp of the F-15C FM model

Documentation changes:
– New F-16 Checklists
– New Dash-1
– Training Manual updated
– Dash 34-1 updated
– User Manual updated
– KTO + AIP charts updated
– EOR charts added
– Kneeboards ILS freq page updated

Vehicle / Weapon changes:
– Fixed to AIM-120 beam
– Fixed Mirage IIIE store
– Fixed Mig-25 tanks missing in stores
– Updated MFD Mnemonics for several stores
– Added CATM for Weapon training (AIM-120B / AIM-120C / AIM-9M / AIM-9X / AA-12 / AGM-88D / AGM-65D / AGM-65G / GBU-38 / Empty pylons) – Added Specific Sounds for CATM
– Fix for 600 gal tanks for IAF

IVC changes:

Comms changes:

Airbase changes:

Other changes:
– Updated Falcon BMS.cfg
– Added an in-house flavor of Alternative Launcher as the new public Launcher for Falcon BMS
– RTT Remote tool updated to 4.2 (added support for DX12 and new functions from BMS)
– BMSFlightData updated v4.118.19.4




Code Changelog

3D Engine:
– Support for SteamVR (Steam and a compatible headset required. First iteration, be gentle! 😀 )
– Improvements on the PS contrails to reduce CPU usage
– HUD fonts adjusted to adapt to FOV and resolution
– Multiple optimizations and improvements around parallel rendering (20% to 40% improvement)
– Fixed closest Light computation
– Added Mirrors in cockpit (check graphics options in UI)

Weather Engine:
– Fixed Fmap issues in Multiplayer

Campaign Engine:
– Fixed ATO not planning AWACS or Tanker when team surrounded by hostiles
– Fixed CTD/memory corruption in UI when user clicks on ATO package
– Improved UI planner messages
* Now, if the squadron is human controlled, planner will say Human controlled. If airbase is destroyed, it will display: Air base destroyed. If squadron is relocating, it will show Squadron relocating message and time remaining to finish.

AI Engine:
– Fixed multiple bugs in tanker queue management (MP / SP)
– Fixed AI FCR Radar modes
– Fixed AWACS coms
– Fixed AI not engaging due to bad LOS check
– Fixed wingmen not engaging in AA under specific conditions
– Fixed wingmen not engaging in AG when too close from target
– Fixed CTD when basket refueling
– Fixed AI crashing into the ground for other theaters than KTO
– Fixed AI not being arrested properly on carriers

ATC Engine:
– Fixed Parking point CTD due to reaggregation.
– New taxi positions in 3D display at ramp

UI Engine:
– Complete rework of the Falcon BMS UI for Full HD support of screens
– Added radar cursor movement using callbacks instead of axes

– Fixed potential bug where MPRF seeker could loose track
– New ECM system implemented for multiple F-16 versions (check documentation)
– New F-15C specific avionics (HUD, FCR, PACS, GPS positioning)
– New xml options SafePathRadiusKm and OverflyRoE (can be read from MissionData_*.XML)
– Fixed a CTD when destroyed in HARM mode
– Implemented CATM support (ACDATA will now include « IsCATM » parameter)
– Fixed CTD due to bad radar cast
– Fixed AGM-65L HUD declutter
– Fixed AGM-65L VIS mode
– Fixed HCMD not drawing TDBox after handoff from HAD
– Fixed RALT Auto blanking when it should not
– Fixed ETA inconsistencies between HUD and DED
– Fixed Green MFD
– Fixed IDM symbology in ACM display
– Fixed losing SOI on HAD when firing first HARM
– Fixed STA Store switch CTD
– Fixed maddog behavior
* Go active of the rail with and w/o fcr track
* Limit maddog LOS to seeker cone, not gimbal limits
* Fly straight without target, turn of seeker and self destruct
– Fixed losing SOI on HAD when firing first HARM
– Fixed the positioning and size of both the gear staple « [ » and the roll cue

Flight Models:
– Improved Tire slippage in case of crabbing

– Multiple CPU optimizations
– Multiple improvements for Shared Memory
– Multiple fixes for potential CTD and memory corruptions
– Multiples fixes to Tacview (lock lines, remote targets for missiles)
– Disabled acmi when g_bTacviewAcmi is false
– Added a new UI scaling option: g_nScaleUIMode
* 0 : Disables and works as before
* 1 : Enables UI scaling with Point (pixelated) filtering
* 2 : Enables UI scaling with Linear (smooth) filtering – DEFAULT
– Added a trigger between old and New UI: g_nInternalUIResolutionMode (set to 0 for old UI)

A télécharger sur le site de Benchmark sims

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Vous avez déjà peut être visionné la dernière vidéo de l’équipe BMS ?
Si ce n’est pas el cas il est encore temps de vous rattraper!

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