Il-2 Great Battles Patch 5.003

Il-2 Great Battles Patch 5.003

Il-2 Great Battles Patch 5.003 C-47 « Skytrain »; StuG III Ausf.G et carte FCII « WIP » front de l’ouest 1918
Le patch 5.003 rajoute enfin le très attendu C-47 « Skytrain » en version pilotable qui pourra être intégré aux campagnes solo Bodenplatte et Normandie.

Il s’accompagne du char lourd allemand StuG III Ausf.G qui porte à 4 le nombre de chars collectors (Churchill IV; GAZ-MM 72-K et Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38)

Ainsi, une nouvelle version Premium de Tank Crew est ajoutée et comprend l’ensemble de tous les chars existants.

Pour finir, la map du front de l’ouest pour FC II est ajoutée bien quelle soit encore en version WIP.





Main Features
1. The « Western Front, Spring 1918 » map is available in Early Access to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol. 2 and to all owners of Flying Circus Vol. 1 as we promised at the time of the announcement. Quick Mission mode works already, the work on finalizing the map and implementing the Pilot’s Career and Advanced Quick Mission modes for it continues;
2. The C-47 « Skytrain » transport plane is now available to all who have pre-ordered it. In addition to QMB and AQMG modes, this aircraft can be selected in Normandy and Rhineland Career mode timeframes;
3. The German StuG III Ausf.G assault gun is now available to all who have pre-ordered it;
4. AI-controlled tank Pz.Kpfw. V Ausf.G Panther added;
5. AI-controlled Morris C9B self-propelled anti-aircraft gun with Bofors 40/L60 cannon added;
6. AI-controlled Universal Carrier Mk.II added;
7. The variety and historical consistency of aircraft and tank tactical numbers in Quick Mission, Advanced Quick Mission, and Pilot’s Career modes increased;
8. Added the ability to remove external fuel tanks on player-controllable T-34 and SU-122;
9. Smoke grenade launcher functionality added on player-controllable Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M, Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.D, and Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1;
10. Improved structure damage modeling of WWI airframes under load (their G-limit drop from rifle caliber bullet hits is not as drastic as before).

Other Changes
11. The target distribution in AI aircraft groups has been adjusted. Priority targets like anti-aircraft guns are engaged by one to four planes in the group depending on the leader’s AI level, other wingmen will choose other targets;
12. Steel Birds historical campaign has been updated. All flights are assigned tactical numbers according to the time period and specific unit, many other fixes and improvements were made;.
13. The animation of guns in turrets when switching positions has been corrected.
14. Turrets return to default positions when the crew leaves the plane.
15. The cocking animation when reloading the magazine has been restored.
16. Dynamic damage hit marks correctly appear on auxiliary armor panels on Fw 190 A-8, Fw 190 A-6, B-26B55 and others.
17. IL-2 mod. 1943: formation lights won’t visually double at a distance.
18. USS Gleaves: torpedo launcher effects are aligned with its position.
19. USS Gleaves: torpedoes in the water are visible at a distance correctly.
20. Custom paint schemes won’t have tactical numbers automatically assigned.
21. Normandy videos now have subtitles in Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish and French.;
22. Career ground attack aircraft escort missions won’t be randomly generated in a corner of the map.
23. AI-controlled Ordnance QF 17-pounder gun now aims correctly.
24. Churchill IV gunfire sound replaced by a more suitable one.
25. PzKpfw IV Ausf.H is correctly visible at a distance.
26. PzKpfw IV Ausf.H model updated in many ways.
27. The PTK commander’s panorama on SU-152 works correctly again.
28. Churchill speed indicators corrected.
29. Ferdinand gunner station now has a mirror for the bubble level indicator.
30. Ferdinand station notes (in-game help) updated.
31. Previews for T-34 mod. 1943 skins restored.
32. Fixed an error in submarines’ torpedo launching algorithm, which sometimes caused the torpedoes to explode prematurely.
33. Radiator leakage effect excessive brightness has been reduced.
34. AI pilots won’t sometimes taxi after landing in the wrong order.
35. AI pilots whose aircraft are unable to land will now be put at the end of the landing queue.
36. Tank fuel tanks can catch fire even if the engine is knocked out (previously this was blocked to prevent effects doubling).
37. In a case of MG misfire in a player controlled tank the cocking sound can be heard.
38. The disappearance of techno chat messages in Dogfight that could occur in a next flight after bailing out has been fixed.
39. Parachutes appear in multiplayer correctly when there is a wind.
40. The death animation of the A-20 top gunner has been corrected.
41. Yak-9 and Yak-9T: corrected the appearance of extended landing gear warning lights.
42. The rear landing gear of  Flying Circus airplanes leaves a correct sized trail on the ground.
43. GUI: the operation of the armament panel in the HUD when there are multiple switchable positions has been corrected.
44. GUI: fixed HUD elements « blinking » at commander’s seat.
45. Airco DH4 wreckage appearance has been corrected.
46. Damaged Gotha G.V. airplanes look correct at a distance;
47. Mission Editor: Entente and Central Powers units are displayed in blue and red respectively.
48. Mission Editor: Entente and Central Powers countries are correctly displayed in the Order/Opposition lists in the object properties of the Location type.
49. Mission Editor: the Move Camera to Object command for objects in the mission tree now has a keyboard shortcut Shift+RClick. The right mouse button click with Shift on an object in the mission tree will move the camera to this object.
50. Mission Editor: the Set on Ground command now works recursively for objects in groups and for groups within other groups.
51. U-2VS: a missing rocket on the left wing was added to ammo variants #20 and #29.
52. Tactical number colors were corrected in scenario campaigns.
53. Bomb and rocket aiming helpers won’t jitter when enabled.

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